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Why Medius Sourcing?

Complete visibility of your sourcing activities Icon
Complete visibility of your sourcing activities

With a clear and easy-to-follow process, consolidate all your tenders in one place, resulting in greater visibility and measurable savings

Speed up sourcing processes Icon
Speed up sourcing processes

Flexible scoring and clear supplier bidding criteria ensures you've got a wealth of options to accelerate sourcing and drive down cost

Easy-to-use means rapid ROI Icon
Easy-to-use means rapid ROI

A user-experience based on interfaces you know and love ensures that even non-procurement people can run an event; alongside quick quotes.

Medius Sourcing features

Initiate your sourcing events quickly and efficiently Image

Initiate your sourcing events quickly and efficiently

Drastically reduce the time it takes for you to run sourcing events with customisable documents and templates. Issue an RFP at the push of a button  Then, run through a robust approval process to ensure you improve compliance.

Initiate your sourcing events quickly and efficiently Image
Help your suppliers respond to an RFP rapidly Image

Help your suppliers respond to an RFP rapidly

Eliminate manual data entry errors and boost the breadth of data you capture when inviting suppliers to tender. Vendors will be invited to issue their proposal in our online portal, giving you crucial details such as risk metrics, accreditations, and much more.

Easily identify and rank suppliers Image

Easily identify and rank suppliers

Once your suppliers have submitted tenders, rank, evaluate, and analyse their responses to create a shortlist based on data. Then, raise the stakes by holding real-time eAuctions (Dutch, Japanese, and English) to drive down costs.

Easily identify and rank suppliers Image
Detailed analysis tools to understand spend Image

Detailed analysis tools to understand spend

Constantly scrutinise your sourcing with detailed reporting. First, Medius Sourcing helps you evaluate responses to tendering. Then, after running your sourcing event, automated analysis helps you discover savings with the opportunity to drill down into greater detail.

Integrate Medius Sourcing with your back office


Rapidly bring together your back-office and third-party systems using Medius Connect. It features:

  • Implement any Medius solution, including Sourcing, and then set up connectivity with your ERP or back office system
  • Manage a stable integration with your ERP, using pre-built connectors
  • Monitor connectivity between Medius solutions and other software in a graphical interface.

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Join these organisations who depend on Medius to spend smart

What is eSourcing?

Electronic sourcing, or eSourcing, is the use of web-based systems to collect and compare information about suppliers in order to help buyers make the best choice of provider. eSourcing technology can help organizations make savings in existing supply chains or identify the optimal setup for vendors.

It can also help to increase visibility of key business-related information and reduce the amount of time it takes for procurement staff to do daily tasks. Whilst sourcing is only part of the overall procurement process, it is a crucial part. It involves everything from inviting potential suppliers to tender, collecting vendor information, running tender processes and eAuctions, analysing/evaluating responses, and issuing contracts.

Benefits of eSourcing

Timesaving and efficiency boosting

eSourcing can accelerate the time it takes to award a contract to a supplier by drastically reducing the time procurement specialists have to spend on the tendering process, giving them more free time to spend on other important tasks.

Improves compliance

eSourcing can allow all procurement-related documents to be stored in just one place. By doing this, auditing is made simpler, and by extension so is compliance with any regulatory procedures. This is because eSourcing shows exactly why a supplier was selected, and how.

Leveraging detailed supplier information

It can allow for not only better transparency in how contracts are awarded, but overall transparency between buyers and suppliers. Typically, a portal is used where suppliers can see all tender opportunities, alongside any deadlines, statuses and other key information.

Reduction in costs

These platforms allow buyers to access a much broader range of suppliers, and additionally affords them the ability to leverage different eAuction strategies. This, alongside timesaving and transparency, allows significant cost saving for procurement teams.

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What is eProcurement software?

eProcurement is a process of requisitioning, ordering, and purchasing goods/services via the internet. At enterprise level, a chief procurement officer will set policies for procuring goods and services for the business, with a goal of getting what the business needs for the best possible value. To accomplish this, there are several actions to take, such as: establishing supplier relationships, negotiating contracts, and setting purchase limits.

eProcurement software gives procurement leaders the ability to streamline and, in some cases, automate these policies, alongside vendor contracts and relationships in one system. It also enables employees to look through any catalogues and select the items they need in one centralized digital hub, instead of an elongated manual process.

Users of eProcurement software can manage purchases based on permissions set by an admin, enabling buying professionals to manage delegating responsibilities more accurately. Any supplier contracts can also be stored alongside the vendor’s contact information, and payment terms, making managing relationships easier.

Why use eProcurement software?

The main function of any eProcurement tool is to streamline and optimize existing operations. It does this by reducing errors and enhancing efficiency by making the processes easier. It also improves communications between companies, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Managing procurement efficiently ensures that business operations will run more smoothly. Proper procurement strategies can make sure that all products and services are effectively acquired with best business interests in mind. It can also help to save time, money, and resources.