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Ready to culture hack your procurement function? – download this Gartner report

  • 26 Jul 2021
  • Procurement
Ready to culture hack your procurement function? – download this Gartner report Image

Building a successful culture within your procurement function is the key to its success. However, with Covid-19, remote working, a disengaged team and global procurement taking a peculiar turn over the last 18 months, it’s been challenging to build the right procurement culture for your organization. 

That’s why you should download this Gartner report titled: 20 Culture Hacks to Enable Your Procurement Organization to Deliver More Agility and Business Value.  

As you know all too well, sourcing, procurement and vendor management is plagued by silos. You know which type we mean – the sort that involve specific people holding very specific knowledge with internal stakeholders, but also, third-party providers that work with your business.  

Those in procurement also struggle with ‘internal PR’ – in the sense that many leaders within the business don’t see nor understand the business value of the procurement function. 

This Gartner report – a 15 minute read – recommends numerous things you can do to affect change on these challenges. Here’s a snippet: 

“Develop effective culture hacks by tapping into emotions, including aspirations, team spirit and even discomfort. Choose hacks visible to the desire audience, e.g., enterprise leaders, and which signal the business value of your work, increase agility and enable more cross-team and cross-location cooperation.” 

Shannon Kreps, VP Product Marketing at Medius, drawing from her background in procurement, says: “Covid-19 has dramatically changed the workplace. Whether working remotely full-time is here to stay, is still up for debate, but I think hybrid working – where employees split their time between the office and home – is really starting to take off. 

“As a buying professional, you’ll need to be ready to meet these challenges. And you’ll need to nurture the right culture in your organization to do this. For instance, when meeting my team over video calls, I encourage all of them to have their cameras on.  

“It’s been proven that seeing people’s faces helps facilitate better quality conversations, encourages people to build better relationship, but also, beat back feelings of isolation and loneliness.” 

Kreps says she’s seen productivity in her team increase, but also, general feelings of happiness by employing the strategies mentioned above. 

As the world continues to navigate the challenges posed by Covid-19, and begins to think about what comes next, will you ensure that procurement will help shape recovery, like McKinsey suggest? 

Start that process by downloading this Gartner report today.   

Gartner, 20 Culture Hacks to Enable Your Procurement Organization to Deliver More Agility and Business Value, Katie Gove, Brett Sparks, Mary Mesaglio, 21 July 2020

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