5 reasons to review your payment processes


During numerous meetings with employees in AP and finance departments, Fredrik Rydqvist, expert in payments and on Medius Pay, has heard many real-life stories. In this webinar, he shares his experience and provide you with the 5 most common reasons to why you should review your supplier payments.

During 20 minutes, Fredrik will share his knowledge on how you can manage some of the most common challenges companies face when it comes to payments, such as:

  • Insufficient audit trail and control
  • Insecure transfers of payment files to the bank
  • Inefficient processes
  • Inadequate protection against fraud
  • Changes to file formats (P27 Nordic Payments)


You will also see recent statistics regarding the growing problem of fraud, as well as some advice on what to watch out for.

The webinar is free of charge. The recording is sent out to everyone who registers.

Dette kommer du til å lære
  • Common ways to handle vendor payments
  • Risk scenarios in connection with payments
  • Proactive security work
  • More efficient processes

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Fredrik Rydqvist Photo

Fredrik Rydqvist

Strategic Sales Executive

Fredrik is a sales executive for Medius Pay with experience in the payments and cash management software industry. He joined Medius in 2021 to focus on Medius Pay and bringing the solution to Medius customers.