Bold Procurement Strategies for Uncertain Times


In 2021, many CPOs and their teams will be asked to deliver heroic results in the face of daunting uncertainty. To succeed, procurement leaders must follow the courage of their convictions as they start to reframe the new procurement environment and how it engages and operates amidst change and uncertainty. Bold strategies are needed for uncertain times. 

What you’ll learn
  • Run more events, save money and reduce risk ASAP with a modern strategic sourcing platform
  • Strengthen the sourcing and purchasing processes by getting supplier relationships under control now
  • Reduce risk and streamline operations by putting the Procurement department in control of a strategic partnership with the business, sharing the load of supplier information management and on-boarding
  • Understand where your contracts are and know when to take appropriate actions with effective and easy to use contract management strategies

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Shannon Kreps Photo

Shannon Kreps

VP Product Marketing

Tomorrow’s best CPOs must develop new ways to break through inertia and drive better outcomes. They must inspire change, even as they execute it. Above all, they must unflinchingly see procurement as a competitive advantage and then work relentlessly to realize their vision. Time to be bold. And, if you are reading this, it is time to register!