Demo Webinar: Simplify and Centralize Source-to-Contract Processes with Medius


In a world of complex supplier sourcing processes, high demands from internal supplier compliance protocols and an ever-growing mountain of data streaming in from multiple areas of the business, simplicity can mean the difference between a resilient business and imminent failure. Good news - there's an answer to help you handle those challenges. From sourcing and onboarding new suppliers to purchasing and managing invoices, Medius enables a streamlined and easy process for users across the organization.

Join this live demo webinar to get a first-hand look at the leading cloud-based Source-to-Contract automation from Medius' Spend Management solution suite. 

What you’ll learn
  • Accelerate sourcing and drive down cost with flexible sourcing criteria and clear supplier bidding criteria
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors and boost the breadth of data you capture when inviting suppliers to sourcing events
  • Aggregate all contract data in one place gives you a company-wide view of all agreement costs, renewal dates, revenues, and budgets.

Video coming soon


Shannon Kreps Photo

Shannon Kreps

VP Product Marketing