AP life hacks: Action-packed edition

Carl Erik, a Customer Success Manager and part-time action movie star here at Medius, is sharing 3 AP life hacks that will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement - just in time for the big summer movie blockbusters. Ready...set..action!

AP Hack #1: Actionable emails

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Caroline works as an AP Clerk for a movie studio, and every single month she needs to chase down the director or producers to get them to handle their invoices before month-end close. In many cases they don’t listen and have excuses like “I am not at my computer!” or “I am too busy on set.”  

Current state before the hack

Many expense invoices are sitting in users' queues waiting for approval before month-end close. AP teams spend a lot of time chasing users to get invoices handled and posted in the ERP before closing period.   

Life Hacks Solution

Actionable emails provide greater flexibility, increased efficiency, and productivity by making it possible to approve or reject an invoice directly from an email. It allows users to complete the tasks right from Outlook without logging in to the application every time they receive an expense invoice for approval. Users/Approvers can approve or reject lines of an expense invoice and can add in comments.  


  • Easier for end-users to approve expense invoices
  • Works for both desktop and mobile users
  • No need to log into the Medius platform

Note: O365 authentication is needed to use the actionable email feature. Review the directions in the "Email Approvals" section of our Success Portal.

Time estimate: Less than 3 minutes. Note that a user admin can update multiple users with the "bulk update" feature.

AP Hack #2: Followup on my subordinates

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Chad is a director for a large movie production company. He wears many hats and does not have time to approve every single invoice sent his way, so has passed this task on to his assistants. Sometimes he does need to look at invoices when vendors contact him directly. Chad has asked someone in Finance to send him those invoices for review.

Current state before the hack

Some organizations want to grant users the right to see invoices approved by their direct subordinates, without granting them access to seeing ALL invoices. This was not possible until Medius introduced the “followup on my subordinates” toggle.

Life Hacks Solution

It is now possible in Medius APA to allow a user to view the invoices approved by their direct subordinates, even though it has not been in their own inbox for approval.  


  • Saves time
  • Allows user access to specific invoices in Medius application vs. having to send via email

Review the directions in the "Followup groups" section of our Success Portal.

Time estimate: Less than 5 minutes.

AP Hack #3: Touchless automation in Medius Capture

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Kevin works as a sound effects/foley artist for a production company that handles about 30,000 paper and PDF invoices annually. He has been tasked with verifying previous invoices in Medius Capture, and has noticed that 30% of the invoices never have any validation errors. He wonders if there is a way to automate these invoices through the workflow.

Current state before the hack

All invoices going through Capture are manually sent to workflow, even when all fields are correctly captured.  

Life Hacks Solution

With Touchless Automation in Medius Capture it is possible to activate touchless automation on suppliers. This means that invoices with no validation errors will bypass manual verification and be sent straight to workflow. 


  • Save time
  • Increase automation
  • Only focus on verifying invoices with validation errors

Review the directions in the "Guidelines and limitations" section of our Success Portal.

Time estimate: 5 seconds per vendor.

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