eProcurement and finance solutions for Food & Beverage

In the fast-paced world of food and beverage manufacturing, Medius provides the tools to implement effective procurement controls and cut costs.

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Why Medius for food and beverage manufacturers?

Automated processes, improved productivity

Streamlined web-based working every step of the way – get more done at less cost.

Comprehensive supplier management, less risk

Integrated eSourcing, ordering and supplier management tools put you in control.

Full visibility of spending activity

Quick access to business-critical data keeps you ahead of the game.

Maximize productivity, protect margins with end-to-end spend management.

With competition tough and price sensitivity high, Medius’ spend management solutions help you drive down costs without sacrificing quality. Solutions cover both direct and indirect spend, automating processes, increasing controls, and maximizing productivity.

Take control of buying and cut costs

Automated eSourcing events in Medius Sourcing make it easy to find the right products at the right prices. Set your precise ingredient specifications and supplier compliance criteria; evaluate bids confident you’re always comparing apples with apples.

Use Medius Procurement for real-time electronic ordering integrated with supplier catalogs.

Add Medius Accounts Payable Automation for streamlined invoice processing and to close your books on time.

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Cut down contract management admin

For easy access to contract details, choose Medius Contract Management, a centralized, paperless place for all contracts and related documents. Automated alerts ensure you never miss compliance renewal milestones.

Bring in Medius Supplier Information Management and hand the tedious task of updating details to your suppliers themselves.

Then, use Medius Supplier Relationship Management to monitor performance and help you build productive long-term partnerships.

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Better understand your AP to pay suppliers better

Medius Pay transforms the way you pay your suppliers, removing manual processes such as processing checks, promoting automated working instead.

Next, use the biggest commodity in your AP department to make smarter decisions - it's your data, of course! Better manage cash flow, improve productivity and boost operational efficiencies.

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Bring all your systems together in one place

Pre-built integrations in Medius Connect give seamless and rapid links to ERP platforms, finance systems, and third-party applications, helping exchange data instantly and bolster collaboration.

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Why we’re serious about customer success at Medius.

You deserve best-in-class customer service.

Look, it just isn’t good enough to say ‘we’re a customer-centric' organization – you have to follow through and mean it, and we really do! Our customer success team will work with you to build a partnership based on mutual understanding and trust, where you are prioritized.

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Your feedback is crucial to success (for both of us).

Working collaboratively with our customers has been synonymous with our success over the last two years. We’ll listen to you and mold your feedback into our product development process ensuring that it’s your insight that’s driving our products forward and delivering you benefits.

Resources you’ll love and use every day.

If you like webinars, best practice guides, and useful content, then you’re in luck! Medius has some of the leading minds in spend management on its books to help you get the most value out of your procurement or finance process.

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