Office Management increases growth, reduces staff turnover with Medius AP Automation

A leader in communication, IT, and office solutions, Office Management helps companies with everything related to the office. Strong growth created a large volume of invoices and the manual system was becoming impossible. Learn how Medius helped streamline invoice processing and facilitate administrative work.

Office Management case study cover

AP Automation success story

Background on Office Management
and their set-up

  • Website: Office Management
  • Industry: IT/Communications
  • ERP: Exsitec AB
  • Location: Sweden
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation
Benefits of Medius AP Automation
  • Reduced duplicate entry of invoices and other errors
  • Eliminated numerous manual steps in the process
  • Increased capacity to process 130,000 invoices per year

Who is Office Management?

From IT and phone services to document management and coffee break solutions, Office Management helps companies with everything related to the office.

What was the challenge?

Using a manual system with multiple steps to process a high volume of invoices was inefficient. With a complex organization, 30 subsidiaries and 5 business areas, AP needed a better solution.

How did we help?

Increased automation, two way matching and compatibility with the company’s cloud environment created a faster, more efficient AP environment. Errors were eliminated and staff is free for more productive work.

“The new AP invoice automation solution has enabled us to grow while keeping our accounts payable team the same size. And making the process less staff-dependent is a clear advantage.”

Marie Carlander
System and Process Coordinator

Positioned for success

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced climate impact through digitization
  • Able to handle continued increase in invoice volume

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