Rejmes achieves increases automation with continuous improvements

At Rejmes, vendor invoices were previously managed in an old workflow system with no automation possibilities, requiring a lot of manual work and control steps in the process. A dedicated resource in the finance team had to scan, code and control the data on each invoice as well as chase approvals from the correct people within the organization.

"With the old process we had to manually key in data for journal orders every time. The coding and distribution templates in Medius make the coding and accural processes so much easier. And most importantly, we save lots of time that we can spend on more value adding activities." - Niklas Johansson, CFO, Rejimes Personvagnar AB

Medius also allows Rejmes to measure their performance on important efficiency KPIs so that they can set goals, identify areas for improvements and follow-up on actions taken. Today, Rejmes have achieved an impressive 85% automatic distribution rate and a total invoice processing lead time of 5.1 days on average.

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