Five reasons CFOs prefer Medius for Dynamics.

Medius AP Automation is the CFO's preferred choice for DynamicsCFOs across more than 800 global Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers chose Medius for AP automation, and there are good reasons why. Flexibility, scalability, comprehensiveness, and ease of integration are a few highlights of our Microsoft Preferred Solution.

Discover the top five ways Medius shines as Dynamics's leading AP automation tool.

CFOs in today’s forward-thinking organizations are saying goodbye to complicated, time-consuming Accounts Payable (AP) processes. And congratulations! You’re ready to join their ranks and start reaping benefits, such as:

  • Complete and total visibility
  • Up to 95% touchless invoice processing rates
  • Enhanced fraud and risk management
  • Greater working capital management

Download this high level overview of why Medius ranks among the top choices of AP automation solutions, specifically for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs.

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