Medius constructs greater efficiency for Skanska with Accounts Payable Automation

Skanska is one of the largest Swedish construction companies managing thousands of projects every year. With a paper based system for receiving, routing, and approving invoices, greater efficiency was needed. Skanska’s IT Manager explains how Medius created better control, visibility, and connectivity.

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AP Automation success story

Background on Skanska

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Increased visibility and control
  • Eliminated stacks and layers of paper and envelopes
  • Reduced time and labor for routing and approvals

Who is Skanska?

Founded more than 100 years ago, Skanska is a world leading project development and construction group managing projects that range from commercial landmarks to residential housing.

What was the challenge?

With a manual, paper based system, staff was dealing with stacks of paper, misplaced invoices, and a laborious routing process to obtain approvals.

How did we help?

Medius eliminated manual tasks and created an automated environment that was connected across the company’s various locations. With better visibility, payments could be processed faster and easier.

Skanska constructs efficient AP with Medius automation

From modern beginnings more than 100 years ago, Skanska has grown into a major global project development and construction company. Adept at building some of the world’s largest, most complex structures, the company’s accounts payable team in Sweden was still using time-consuming manual systems. Magnus Blomberg, CIO, explains how Medius created an automated workflow that improved efficiency.

“Before using Medius we had a lot of paper and envelopes. They were disappearing all the time and it was not efficient. With Medius we always have control of where invoices are. Staff is happy with the system, both in the AP process and also the core business.”

Magnus Blomberg
CIO, Skanska Commercial Development Nordic AB

Our AP solution comes with a guarantee:
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Managing AP should be about strategy, not stress. Medius goes beyond basic automation by using AI to do the work –
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