Meet the Medius leadership team

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Lucier

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer and joined Medius in 2021. Prior to joining Medius, Jim was President at SAP Concur. Since 2008, he held various positions at SAP Concur including Chief Revenue Officer for North America, Chief Customer Officer, and Vice President for Business Development.

Jim’s previous industry experience includes JPMorgan Chase, Gnossos Software and other senior leadership positions.

Jim Lucier, Chief Executive Officer
Branden Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Branden Jenkins

Branden is the Chief Operating Officer and joined Medius in 2021. He has 20+ years of experience in running and scaling SaaS companies, including Oracle NetSuite, where he served as Vice President of Strategy and Global General Manager of Retail.

Additionally, Branden has been the CEO of two companies that resulted in successful exits, including Retail Anywhere which NetSuite acquired in 2012.

Chief Financial Officer

Anders Fohlin

Anders has been with Medius since 2014 and is the Chief Financial Officer. Before joining Medius, Anders was VP of Finance and Accounting at Klarna Group and VP of Business Control at NASDAQ OMX.

Previously, Anders has had several years of experience with Cision, Accenture and Acando.

Anders Fohlin, Chief Financial Officer
Henrik Rosén, Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Henrik Rosén

Henrik is the Chief Technology Officer and joined Medius in 2011. In his role as CTO, Henrik leads the R&D, Customer Support, Cloud Operations and Security teams at Medius. Before joining Medius, Henrik was part of the R&D management leadership team at ERP vendor IFS.

Chief Marketing Officer

Kim Albrecht

Kim is the Chief Marketing Officer at Medius and joined the company in 2021. She brings 30+ years of experience as a software marketing leader with a strong track record of innovation, creativity, and growth acceleration in B2B SaaS companies.

Previously, Kim held positions as the Senior Vice President of Solution Area Marketing at SAP, Chief Marketing Officer for SAP Concur and various other marketing leadership roles.

Kim Albrecht, Chief Marketing Officer
Martin Billenius, Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA & APAC

Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA & APAC

Martin Billenius

Martin has been with Medius since 2009 and is the Chief Revenue Officer. He's held various sales management positions, including VP of Sales Sweden, Global Partner Sales Director, and VP of EMEA and APAC.

Before joining Medius, he ran his own tech consulting company.

Chief Delivery Officer

Dan Andersson

Dan is the Chief Delivery Officer and has been with Medius since 2019. He has 25+ years of experience in the software and spend management industries in Europe and the Americas.

Before joining Medius, Dan led professional service organizations at ReadSoft, Lexmark and Kofax.

Dan Andersson, Chief Delivery Officer
Daniel Ball, Executive Vice President, Product Management

Executive Vice President, Product

Daniel Ball

Daniel is the Executive Vice President of Product at Medius and is responsible for setting and delivering the product strategy for the Medius platform, encompassing multiple product areas and charting the direction for a substantial Research & Development team, globally. Daniel was previously Senior Vice President of Innovation at Medius. Daniel joined Medius through its acquisition of Wax Digital, a global provider of Source to Pay solutions where Daniel was Co-Founder and CMO.

Senior Vice President, Sales - North America

Mary Flynn Barton

Mary Flynn Barton joined Medius in 2022 and is the Senior Vice President of Sales for Medius in North America. Before joining Medius, she was the CRO at her previous company where she was responsible for sales, marketing and customer success functions.

Mary has deep expertise in spend management having held a variety of sales leadership roles at Coupa.

Mary Flynn Barton, Senior Vice President, Sales - North America
Hanne Engberg, Senior Vice President, HR

Senior Vice President, HR

Hanne Engberg

Hanne is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and has been with Medius since 2016. Before joining Medius, she was HR Manager at Telenor and has also held management positions at MTG and GE Capital.

Hanne also has several years of experience in management consulting.

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Growth

Erik Hammarberg

Erik is the Senior Vice President of Strategy & Growth and joined Medius in 2011. He has expertise in strategic planning, particularly monetization strategies.

He was previously VP of Financial Planning & Analysis, and has also held leading positions within sales and marketing.

Erik Hammarberg, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Growth
Kristin Widjer, Senior Vice President, Legal

Senior Vice President, Legal

Kristin Widjer

Kristin is Senior Vice President of Legal and joined Medius in 2017. Kristin has experience in the IT/Software industry and prior to joining Medius, she was legal counsel at Lexmark Enterprise Software and ReadSoft.

Kristin also has several years of experience working as a lawyer at the law firm Lindahl.

General Manager, MediusGo

Mattias Laurentz Johansson

Mattias is the General Manager for MediusGo and has been with Medius since 2010. He was previously VP of Professional Services in North America and SVP of Customer Success and has held various management positions in the company.

Mattias Laurentz Johansson, General Manager, MediusGo