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Medius works for everyone, but we really shine with product-based industries – companies that have a high volume of invoices with multiple lines and even matched to multiple POs. Check out how your peers are using Medius to make life easier and go home on time, every time.

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Our eProcurement and finance tools help your manufacturing business take control of the entire source-to-pay cycle. It’s easy-to-use, quick to implement, and will help you improve overall efficiencies, boost supplier compliance and control your costs.


Medius’ spend management suite automates the full source-to-pay cycle. 100% cloud-based, the suite is an integrated series of eProcurement and finance solutions that handles complex transport and logistics scenarios easily. If you’re keen to streamline processes and drive down costs, we're here to help.

Transport and logistics

As margins tighten, Medius’ spend management suite opens up new opportunities for retailers to cut costs and boost efficiency. Covering the entire source-to-pay cycle, our solutions streamline spending from sourcing right through to payment.


With a series of practical and easy-to-implement tools, our eProcurement and finance solutions streamline complex construction industry processes, cut costs, and help keep your projects on track. From guaranteeing contractor compliance to making ensuring the right materials arrive on-site - you’re covered.


In the fast-paced world of food and drink production, Medius’ solutions give your team the tools they need to deliver effective finance and procurement control. Our spend management suite helps you order the right ingredients, at the right price and ensure you’re always paying your suppliers on time.

Food and beverage

Medius’ spend management suite is an essential tool for healthcare providers seeking to cut costs and boost compliance. Covering eProcurement and finance processes from sourcing to payment, Medius helps you digitize workflows, standardize processes, and save money.


Medius invoice-to-pay automation enables CPG industries to eliminate antiquated paper trails, reduce time consuming exceptions, and stop costly errors before they happen. Finally, vendors will get paid on time every time and you’ll be better equipped to adapt to rapidly changing market demands.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

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“Before, it felt like we were missing something, but Medius gives us peace of mind. We feel confident that we’re handling all invoices in a timely manner.”

Jason Mayfield
Director of Accounting, NIC Global

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