Victaulic case study

Until recently, Victaulic, a developer and producer of mechanical pipe joining processed most of their invoices manually, leading to some serious challenges for the industrial manufacturer. Their issues centered around process inefficiencies, expensive processes and much more.

Medius AP Automation empowers employees of Victaulic with automation capabilities to streamline operations and accelerate invoice processing. Workflows can be highly automated using configuration of rules in the system, for example when it comes to different VAT processes. For purchase order based invoices, Victaulic leverages three-way automatic matching (goods received, invoice and purchase order) that enables fully touchless processing.

"We’re at about 80% automation rate in our European HQ. This is a tremendous achievement given the short time we’ve been working with Medius and their product suite. With the new process handled by Medius AP Automation, it takes less than five days to complete an invoice workflow. This is a huge time-saver for our AP team, and frees up precious time for more value-added tasks.” - Sam Van Wiemeersch, AP Accountant at Victaulic Europe.

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