What could you get done if you didn’t have to field approver questions?

Medius Copilot is an AI assistant that answers approvers’ questions automatically—so they can make accurate invoice decisions for increased on-time payments and AP teams get to focus.

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Get approvers the answers they need with conversational AI directly in their workflow.

Increase on-time payments.

Empower approvers to make confident, accurate invoice decisions by autonomously guiding them through the process, answering their questions, and reducing the risk of delays.

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Help approvers where they are.

Medius Copilot highlights relevant invoice information in line with the approval, giving approvers pertinent, contextual data and an easier approval experience.

Boost AP team job satisfaction.

Medius Copilot provides invoice advice for approvers around the clock, giving AP teams time to focus on business-critical tasks.

See how Medius Copilot answers
common invoice questions.

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How often do you have to answer
these questions for approvers?

Who is the supplier for this invoice?


Is this for the correct amount?


Medius can help with that.

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Medius Copilot FAQs

Medius Copilot is built on the latest large-language model (LLM) technology by OpenAI and is trained specifically on Medius’s solution. Approvers can use their natural language to ask questions about invoices and suppliers. For example, an approver could ask “Tell me about the supplier,” or “Show me the last four invoices approved for this supplier.”  Medius Copilot can also guide the user with workflow questions, like “How do I reject this invoice?” and then tell the approver what steps to take. Please note that Medius Copilot does not perform any actions on behalf of the approver, it is only there to help and assist in the process.

Medius is committed to protecting customer data. We never use customer data to train OpenAI or any third-party AI model. Instead, we use customer data as a temporary context we submit to LLMs as prompts to return an answer. The LLM doesn’t store the data nor learn from customer data. Instead, in the special pipeline created for a customer’s instance of an AI agent, it processes and returns an answer in a stateless manner. You can learn more about Medius’ trust and compliance policies here.

In addition to helping approvers and AP users gain back time and productivity, Medius Copilot can also help with translating invoices, flagging suspicious invoices, and currency conversions. Medius Copilot can instantly translate invoices into any language, which is important for global organizations. Medius Copilot can also read invoices using OCR and flag suspicious text, such as a line added that says, “Please pay this ASAP!!” Anomalous text like that might be an indication of fraud. Furthermore, Medius Copilot connects to the customer’s ERP system, so it can perform currency conversions automatically, using the company’s official currency conversion rates, rather than generic conversion rates discovered on the internet.

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