If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring.
Are you doing enough?

It can months for traditional intelligence initiatives to return actionable results. With Medius Analytics, go from data visualization to payables process optimization seamlessly.

Are you making informed decisions or just making it up?

Optimize cashflow management

Never lose track of your cash position with an always-on, always accurate spend analysis solution providing a view of your cashflow, improving forecasting.

Better manage supplier payments

With better visibility you can identify opportunities to extend supplier payments to manage your cash position.

Spot process bottlenecks

Track leadtimes and status of processes and team members to easily find targeted areas for improvement.

Medius Analytics Features

Avoid costly surprises.

Stay on top of costs, forecasts and cashflow with a full, real-time view into how money is spent across your organization delivered through pre-defined reports, dashboards and KPIs.

Analytics - AP Process Performance Dashboard screen

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Analytics - Automation Insights screen

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Optimize your cashflow with supplier management.

Closely monitor supplier performance with a blend of operational and strategic level reporting. Manage cashflow by analyzing supplier payment options.

Don't just automate, optimize.

Businesses are challenged by the complexities of data analytics, which risks leading to decisions driven by opinions rather than fact. Get an unprecedented view into your accounts payable processes and see how visibility can drive smart decision-making.

Analytics - First Time Right screen

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Analytics - Q & A screen

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Get answers when you need them.

Sometimes it’s easier to just ask a question and get an answer then try to code a report. Use our interactive Q&A to quiz your data and see the end results immediately. We’ll put the information in a standard report or even make it graphical depending on what you need.

"Medius AP Automation enabled us to reach high automation rates right from the start. And we proactively work on continuous improvements. We now have better visibility into the process to understand where things go wrong and where we need to improve."

Pim Beijen
Group NWC Manager, SoftwareONE

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