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Medius Fraud & Risk Detection Product Guide

Medius Fraud and risk coverAccording to both Ardent Partners research, over half of organizations have experienced increases in fraud attempts in the last 12 months. What's more, Cybersecurity Insider’s report found that nearly 60% of survey respondents said finance was the most frequent victim of fraud and phishing attempts. Not only is fraud increasing, but the criminals behind these attacks are also getting more sophisticated in the way they try to scam your business and line their pockets with business funds that don't belong to them.

Medius Fraud & Risk Protection adds the ultimate protective barrier against fraud and risk for your organization’s finances. This enhanced protection against fraud fights fraud with the benefit of AI-backed technology, so you can trust that only real invoices are being paid to the correct suppliers, and that your company’s hard-earned profits are safeguarded against bad actors and potential threats. Read our product quick guide to learn more.

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Why Medius Fraud & Risk Detection?

Act Fast

When you can see risk directly where it lies in your invoice or payment process, you have the data you need to take action and stop fraud before it gets out of hand.

Understand the unknown

Easy to read dashboards and historical trend analysis gives you insights into where your risk mitigation efforts are paying off and where you’re most vulnerable.

Infinitely checked

There’s only so much the human eye can catch, especially when you’re managing finances and operations for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) leaves no data point unchecked, so you know you’re not missing any fraudulent activity.

Flip a switch

As a seamlessly connected part of our industry-leading AP and Payment Automation solutions, turning on the added layer of protection from Medius Fraud & Risk Detection is easy to turn on and start immediately securing your company’s cash.

$280,000 is a lot to lose.

25% of finance professionals are unable to estimate how much fraud is costing them—because they’re often unaware that it’s happening—but the other 75% put the cost at well over a quarter of a million dollars annually.