Cut costs and enable strategy with AP invoice automation for CPG.

Compliant, timely invoices and payments mean smoother supply chains and higher profit margins.

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AP invoice automation for CPG that can meet high demands.

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Get those early payment discounts.

Reduce the time you spend on processing invoices and free up cash flow, so you extend supplier payments or cash in on early payment discounts.

Handle high-volume PO invoices with ease.

Get the spend view you need – across products, geos and suppliers – all in one place. With a consolidated picture of direct and indirect spend (yes, even across multiple ERPs) and clear, accurate cash flow, you can identify priorities, savings and risks.

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Pay for what’s delivered on time, every time.

Detailed line-by-line capture and multilevel matching make sure that invoices, direct material POs, and goods receipts are accurately matched and processed automatically for precise payment control.

Duni went from 32% to 70% touchless rate.

“Medius provides us with the KPIs and tools we need to identify issues, solve them and drive more automation across the entire process.”

Łukasz Gauza
AP Team Leader, Duni

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Maximize profits with invoice automation for CPG.

AI-powered AP automation that learns and automatically codes to your GL.

Cash flow visibility for faster decisions

Optimize working capital with real-time spend data of what’s pending and what’s paid so nothing slips through the cracks.

Complex invoices won’t slow you down

Medius best-in-class customers see a 94.9% touchless processing rate, meaning invoices go straight to the payment queue without requiring manual review.

Easy approval routing saves time for approvers

Give approvers simple, convenient options to check and approve invoices on mobile devices with just a single click in an email – freeing their time for more important business tasks.

Medius is made to tackle your CPG-specific challenges.

Health & Beauty

The health and beauty industry is changing fast, making brands adapt quickly. With new competitors popping up, established brands feel the heat to innovate. Meanwhile, manufacturers grapple with sourcing packaging and raw materials due to supply chain issues and rising costs.

To thrive, health and beauty brands need reliable data for smart decisions. Managing invoices doesn’t have to be a mess, even with the market's unpredictability.

Dodge unexpected costs and handle expenses, forecasts, and cash flow by accessing real-time operational insights that impact your financial performance.

Your AP team can confidently manage pending payments and expenses, promoting spending transparency and maximizing savings through automation.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage makers deal with supply chain hurdles like higher costs and availability issues, which can squeeze their profits. The rise in inflation is making these companies rethink their finances to cut costs.

People's eating habits are changing, and there's a shift in how they shop, with more opting for grocery pickup and delivery. Add in the strict rules they must follow, and it's no wonder many are feeling the pressure. But, there's a fix.

With strong controls and a clear view of expenses, Medius lets you spot emerging trends early on, wiping out worries about double bills, fake invoices, wrong forecasts, missed discounts, or late fees.


Fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye; that's just how it goes. But now, fashion labels face unexpected challenges like shrinking profits, material shortages and rising prices. The complex supply chains they rely on need a quick invoicing-to-payment process, leaving brands scrambling to keep up.

This chaos is shaking up the fashion supply chains, forcing brands to cut costs on the fly. However, many lack the tech to do it right.

Enter Medius, which gives you the tools to effortlessly streamline your accounts payable—even for the fastest brands. With ready-to-go ERP connectors, Medius offers a speedy ROI with minimal training needed.

ERPs CPG companies use integrate with Medius, too.

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