Accounts payable automation software for CPG industries

CPG brands are faced with tremendous pressure to control spend and identify cost savings to ensure profitability. With Medius, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can achieve transparency into their entire invoice-to-pay workflow.

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Why Medius for CPG industries?

Get more done, with less.

Accurately process high volumes of complex invoices faster without increasing your headcount or workload.

Maximize profits with cash flow visibility.

Optimize working capital with real-time spend data of what’s pending and what’s paid so nothing slips through the cracks.

Retain your best vendors and customers.

Strengthen supplier relationships with timely payments allowing for negotiations on better sourcing opportunities.

Control all spend from beginning to end with invoice-to-pay automation.

Medius invoice-to-pay automation enables CPG industries to eliminate antiquated paper trails, reduce time consuming exceptions, and stop costly errors before they happen. Finally, vendors will get paid on time every time and you’ll be better equipped to adapt to rapidly changing market demands.

Streamline and organize your back-office with autonomous invoice data capture. All direct and indirect spend is digitized and securely archived in one single repository, regardless of format or file type.

AI-powered three-way matching increases processing speed and accuracy, growing smarter with every invoice. It effortlessly compares invoice data to PO, contract, or goods receipts at the line level giving your team members back their valuable time.

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Cut down on time-consuming exceptions that hinder productivity and workflow. Medius’ machine learning engine utilizes flexible tolerance configurations, further reducing exceptions and allowing for faster processing.

Protect your business from payment errors and asset misappropriation. Built-in anomaly detection flags mismatches to recognize potential mistakes, probable risks and fraudulent transactions before they occur.

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Deploy in a matter of weeks, not months. Medius’ pre-packaged and fully managed ERP connectors allow for quick and easy implementation that won’t bog down IT. Once live, you’ll see immediate user adoption and ROI because of Medius’ intuitive and easy to operate interface. And if you do need help, our award-winning customer support team is available when you need it.

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Trusted by the biggest brands in CPG.

We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in consumer packaged goods.

Trends in the health and beauty industry are changing faster than ever, forcing brands to adapt on a moment’s notice. As new competitors grow, established brands feel pressure to innovate. Meanwhile, health and beauty manufacturers are faced with the burden of sourcing packaging and raw materials amidst supply chain disruptions and the rising costs of goods. To be successful, health and beauty brands need reliable data they can trust.

While the health and beauty market may always be unpredictable, your businesses spend doesn’t have to be. With Medius, health and beauty brands can avoid costly surprises and stay on top of costs, forecasts and cashflow with real-time visibility into key operational data that affect the bottom line. Now your AP team can go home and rest easy knowing exactly what’s pending and what’s paid, they know exactly what they’re spending and how much they’re saving with automation.

Food and beverage manufacturers are faced with supply chain pressures like soaring product costs or availability, which often jeopardize margins. Rising inflation is forcing food and beverage companies to assess finances to determine where the best cuts can be made. Not only are dietary preferences changing but also the rise in shopping behaviors such as grocery pick up or delivery, have changed. Add to that stringent regulatory requirements and it is easy to see why many food and beverage companies are stressed out – but they don’t have to be.
Medius can help food and beverage companies manage accounts payable with calm and confidence. With in-depth controls and full transparency into spending –you can spot trends before they become problems and stop worrying about duplicate or fraudulent invoices, inaccurate forecasts, and missed discounts or late fees. Finally, you can welcome peace-of-mind into AP.

Fashion is known for its rapidly changing trends. What’s “in” one minute, is out the next. While fashion brands have become accustomed to this rise and fall of styles, many aren’t prepared to face the latest trend of shrinking margins, raw materials shortages, and price hikes. Complex supply chains – including many small businesses – require a fast and reliable invoice through payment process, and fashion brands are struggling to keep up. This is creating disruption across fashion brands’ supply chains, forcing them to assess spend at a moment’s notice, yet many lack the technology to do so.

With Medius, fashion brands will have the tools they need to bring efficiency and accuracy into their AP processes – and at a pace even the fastest moving brands can appreciate. With pre-packaged and fully managed ERP connectors, ROI can be achieved quicker and with minimal training. With Medius, your data will never slow you down.

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