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Although AP automation has existed for years, some organizations still haven't jumped on board. And, many of the companies that have automated are dealing with outdated solutions that are holding back fully touchless invoice processing. What does this mean? It means ample opportunity exists to improve the AP process, reduce stress and manual work and drive efficiencies.

The Five Ways to Drive Touchless Accounts Payable Whitepaper will break down the challenges and opportunities ahead of you –and help you get closer to AP peace of mind.

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What is touchless accounts payable?

The definition of a truly touchless process: no intervention or manual step is required from when the invoice arrives to when it is posted to the ERP.

According to Ardent Partners, best-in-class enterprises that leverage technology and automate manual processes report a 2.2x higher rate of touchless invoices.

Ardent Partners’ Accounts Payable Metrics that Matter 2023

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  • Common AP challenges companies still face.
  • What does touchless invoice processing mean and how does it impact your organization?
  • A foundation for driving change in business areas that affect the AP process.
  • Five tactics that will help your organization achieve record-high AP touchless rates.
  • A bonus tactic – payment process automation - that will drive further efficiencies from invoice to pay.

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