How much fraud have you been able to prevent?

Using Medius’s revolutionary AI that underpins its autonomous AP, gain greater visibility and control across the entire invoice to pay lifecycle.

See how much people lose on average to fraud

Why Medius Fraud & Risk Detection?

Medius’s Financial Census found that fraud costs U.S. businesses an average of $300K annually. Fraud & Risk Detection is here to help you catch fraud earlier and reduce your risk exposure.

Act fast.

Medius’ inline alerts give AP managers the information they need to act immediately.

Understand the unknown.

Gain visibility into your fraud and risk exposure with new insights.

Infinitely checked.

Relax and let machine learning and AI controls ensure your policies are being enforced.

Flip a switch.

Get going faster with a solution that integrates with Medius AP & Pay.

Get smart about fraud with AI-backed technology.

Medius Fraud & Risk Protection adds the ultimate protective barrier against fraud and risk for your organization’s finances. This enhanced protection against fraud fights fraud with the benefit of AI-backed technology, so you can trust that only real invoices are being paid to the correct suppliers, and that your company’s hard-earned profits are safeguarded against bad actors and potential threats. Read our product quick guide to learn more.

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How does your organization’s fraud challenge compare to your peers?

We wanted to know more about the challenges financial professionals face today, so we partnered with Censuswide to survey 2,750 finance executives across the globe.

This research resulted in the Medius 2022 Financial Professional Census report. It includes data about:

  • Rising fraud
  • Late supplier payments
  • Strained relationships with procurement
  • Retention of talent

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Fraud and Risk Detection FAQs

Medius Fraud and Risk Detection requires Medius Accounts Payable Automation. Medius links invoice capture, processing, and payment to reimagine the AP process. Fraud and Risk Detection uses the data captured through the AP process and applies Medius’ advanced AI and machine learning to provide new insights and detect anomalies.

Medius allows you to gradually implement best practices as appropriate for your organization. For example, you may turn on the “Four eyes” double approver requirement or disable it depending on your organization’s needs.

The main difference is that Fraud and Risk Detection provides you with an end-to-end process starting at detection and following through to insights into the fraud amount, types, and actions taken so you can better understand how your organization’s fraud prevention process is performing. Medius AP Automation does flag some basic anomalies, such as suspected duplicate invoices and changes in payment address. 

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