Generate huge savings by running forward and reverse auctions with eAuction software.

With our electronic auction software, you can take care of every aspect of an online supplier auction, from creation and publication through to negotiation and evaluation. eAuction software allows suppliers to compete with each other using a transparent, real-time bidding environment. This allows you to benefit from increased savings opportunities, maximise the commercial advantage, and get the best possible outcome from your procurement processes.

Benefits of eAuction Software

Increase revenue potential

Achieve savings of up to 18% whilst ensuring quality service level using varying types of forward and reverse auction functionalities.

Streamline processes

Specify your requirements, sit back and let your suppliers do the rest. By speeding up the negotiation purposes, you can make comparisons easily and pick the suppliers that suit your needs best.

Labor and time savings

By conducting auctions electronically, you can get rid of paper, processing time, complexity and manual overheads at a stroke.

Demonstrate transparency

A secure and transparent auction process delivers complete visibility to stakeholders and ensures equal opportunity to all bidders.

Get the best value out of every purchase.


Flexible auction types

Our eAuction software supports a range of auction types, including those conducted in English, Dutch and Japanese. You can also find Dynamic and Sealed Bid eAuctions, providing users with the flexibility to choose a method most suitable to their product or service.

Sourcing - Auction Management screen
Sourcing - Analysis screen

Live monitoring and analysis

With real-time data and in-depth analysis, you can stay on top of your electronic auction processes and make informed business decisions without delay. For instance, you can see how much each bid can save you against historical price or weigh your options by applying points based on elements of evaluation.

Easy set up

Designed with users in mind, our eAuction system is extremely intuitive and easy to use. You can quickly create and tailor an auction event using as much or as little information as you need, to ensure that your suppliers are fully aware of exactly what they need to provide. You can even use event templates or clone previous events for repeating auctions.

Sourcing - Suppliers screen
Sourcing - Quick Quotes Responses Summary screen

Awarding Contracts

Users can complete the auction cycle by awarding contracts to one or multiple suppliers, either automatically or discretionally. The entire process is captured and recorded, leaving a full audit trail from start to finish.

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