Ease the financial load on your healthcare operation with AP invoice automation.

Less time chasing invoices and payments. More time to tackle real healthcare challenges.

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Automate AP invoicing for healthcare for transparency and accountability.

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Take advantage of early payment discounts.

Reduce the time you spend on processing invoices and free up cash flow, so you extend supplier payments or cash in on early payment discounts.

Make good decisions with accurate cash flow.

Get the spend view you need – across medical supplies, geos and suppliers – all in one place. With a consolidated picture of direct and indirect spend (yes, even across multiple ERPs) and clear, accurate cash flow, you can identify priorities, savings and risks.

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Pay for what’s delivered on time, every time.

Detailed line-by-line capture and multilevel matching make sure that invoices, direct material POs, and goods receipts are accurately matched and processed automatically for precise payment control.

High-quality healthcare demands high-quality AP

Corilus saves time processing 10K invoices per year with touchless AP.

“Medius AP Automation offers us an efficient solution that we can implement across the business. This has enabled us to professionalize our organization and work more efficiently. When an invoice comes in, a dialogue arises that was not there at first. Moreover, there is now more ownership of invoices by the right people. Unnecessary searching is a thing of the past.”

Business Controller, Corilus

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Flexible and compliant invoice automation for healthcare.

AI-powered AP automation that learns and automatically codes to your GL.

Handle larger volumes of invoices

Healthcare companies deal with a lot of invoices from insurance companies, patients and suppliers. Paperwork can get messy, but using AI & ML simplifies and streamlines invoice capture, digitization, and processing—matching POs, supporting docs and more—keeping your records tidy and processing quick.

Complex invoices won’t slow you down

Medius best-in-class customers see a 94.9% touchless processing rate, meaning invoices go straight to the payment queue without requiring manual review.

Simplify approval routing for healthcare professionals

Give approvers simple, convenient options to check and approve invoices on mobile devices with just a single click in an email – freeing their time for more important business tasks.

Trusted by the biggest brands in healthcare.

Keep your patients and accounts payable KPIs healthy.

Healthcare companies deal with intricate networks, supply chains and regulations that call for fast and efficient simplification solutions. So, how does that play out for invoice automation in healthcare? Compare your company to top benchmarks in the field.

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Integration with ERP for seamless healthcare operations.

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