Corilus has healthier AP processes with Medius Automation

For more than 20 years Corilus has provided healthcare professionals with quality medical software. With the goal of connecting healthcare professionals, patients, and hospitals, Corilus needed better invoice management. Discover how the partnership with Medius helped Corilus achieve a digital AP process with better insight and transparency.

AP Automation success story

Background on Corilus and their set-up

  • Website:
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • ERP: Venice
  • Location: Benelux
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • 62% touchless processing
  • 10K invoice volume per year
  • Saving time with invoices routed to the right people

Who is Corilus?

Offering a new generation of software, Corilus’ mission is to develop a smart, efficient healthcare system by connecting providers, patients, and stakeholders.

What was the challenge?

With 400 employees and six locations, invoice management was inefficient. Corilus needed better visibility and the ability to proactively manage budgets and invoices. 

How did we help?

Medius offered an efficient solution that was implemented across the entire business, allowing Corilus to professionalize and work more efficiently.

"Medius AP Automation offers us an efficient solution that we can implement across the business. This has enabled us to professionalize our organization and work more efficiently. When an invoice comes in, a dialogue arises that was not there at first. Moreover, there is now more ownership of invoices by the right people. Unnecessary searching is a thing of the past.”

Business Controller

Positioned for Success

  • Better insight into outstanding invoices and budgets

  • Increased departmental awareness of spend and budgets

  • More efficient invoice management leading to time and cost savings

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