Streamline your tendering process to generate savings.

Digitize your tendering process with eTender software from Medius. Medius Sourcing fully automates tender management, from pre-qualification questionnaires through to awarding contracts. Get better oversight over supplier bids, helping you evaluate tender applications and vendor selection.

What is eTender software?

eTender software, which is also sometimes known as tender management software, is software that establishes seamless communication between buyers and suppliers throughout the tendering process. It helps eTenders deliver effective sourcing strategies, which results in better buying outcomes

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Run tender events with ease.


Streamline your tender process.

Bring structure to your tendering process with sourcing software that helps you create ITTs (Invitation to tender), PQQs (Pre-qualification questionnaire) and RFQs (Request for quotation) quickly and easily. Once created, set up automated tender notifications and reminders for suppliers to send details.

Sourcing - Quick Quote comparison screen
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Sourcing - Questionnaire screen
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Create questionnaires easily

Use a library of tender questionnaire templates to get your tender process started quickly. And if you need to change anything, you can edit these as much as you like to capture the details you need.

Automatic bid scoring saves time.

Use set criteria to instruct Medius Sourcing to compare bids through automatic bid evaluation without doing it manually. If you need that extra level of detail, supplier performance reports generated from their details, as well as tight integration with external tools, allow you to evaluate risk and make smarter decisions.

Sourcing - Quick Quotes Responses Chart screen
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Sourcing - Awarding screen
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Simply “click” to award a tender.

Once it’s time to award a contract, you can do it within Medius Sourcing without having to send an email. All information is captured within the system, so you always have a fully auditable trail.

Integrate Medius Sourcing with your back-office.

Rapidly bring together your back-office and third-party systems using Medius Connect. Avoid the time and cost of ERP integration with pre-packaged and fully managed ERP connectors from Medius.

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Benefits of eTender Software

Generate cost savings

With Medius Sourcing, you’ll be able to remove poor tender submissions from your sourcing process that waste your time. The use of a tendering platform can generate significant cost savings, up to 85% compared to manual tendering.

Improve tender visibility

See all your tender opportunities and manage tenders in one place. And because our technology is set up to automatically award bids when your specified criteria are met, it’s easy to secure an agreement with a supplier.

Evaluate bids more easily

With Medius Sourcing, it’s simple to compare bids when you can see everything compared against each other in one place.

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