What? You don’t like your job?

Monotonous, dissatisfying work is causing financial decision makers to move on.

It seems the Great Resignation is leaving no company unscathed, but finance professionals are a particular flight risk.

  • Only 37% of financial decision makers say they and their colleagues are satisfied with their role.

  • 24% say their department is so busy, they worry people are ready to leave.

  • 23% say their team has a high turnover rate.

This is boring.

Unfulfilling work you don’t understand is entirely unacceptable.

  • 19% feel their job is dominated by monotonous, demotivating tasks.
  • 20% believe there is no progression available to them.
  • 44% (less than half) of teams using automated.

finance-team member stats

What have you got to complain about?

Each full-time, finance-team member is responsible for 23,500 invoices a year. Here’s what else they’re up against.

What if we got rid of the mundane part?

People want a better work/life balance, challenging work and clear progression. Tedious tasks simply don’t fit in. Autonomous AP, on the other hand, fits perfectly — helping employees grow in their roles and clearing the path to progression.

What's the answer?

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