What? You don’t like your job?!

Monotonous, dissatisfying work is causing financial decision makers to move on.

It seems the Great Resignation is leaving no company unscathed, but finance professionals are a particular flight risk.

  • Only 37% of financial decision makers say they and their colleagues are satisfied with their role.

  • 24% say their department is so busy, they worry people are ready to leave.

  • 23% say their team has a high turnover rate.

This is boring.


Unfulfilling work you don’t understand is entirely unacceptable.

  • 19% feel their job is dominated by monotonous, demotivating tasks.

  • 20% believe there is no progression available to them.

  • 44%—less than half—of teams using automated

What have you got to complain about?


Each full-time, finance-team member is responsible for 23,500 invoices a year. Here’s what else they’re up against:

37% Having little insight or control

34% Seeing the same errors over and over again

31% The length of time to complete payments

30% Working in siloes

27% Deteriorating supplier relationships

What if we got rid of the mundane part?


People want a better work/life balance, challenging work and clear progression. Tedious tasks simply don’t fit in. Autonomous AP, on the other hand, fits perfectly—helping employees grow in their roles and clearing the path to progression.

What’s the answer?

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