Medius goes beyond automation to
deliver AI-driven autonomous AP.

Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) do the work for you. Medius provides transparency into all of your spend so you can see what's pending and what's paid. 

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The Medius Impact


Fully managed integration with your ERP or accounting system at the master data level, so everyone is always working with the most up-to-date information.

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ERP integrations
AP Automation Invoice page

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Multi-Level Matching

Tackle complex invoices by interpreting invoice data down to header and line-level labels and amounts. You will be able to use 3-way matching to verify accuracy against both purchase orders and receipts — avoiding fraudulent invoices, safeguarding your assets, and ensuring you pay the correct amounts.

Invoice Automation

Payment Controls

Use anomaly and fraud detection to eradicate risks. Medius Pay eliminates manual tasks, creates clear audit trails, and lessens the opportunity for errors via a fully automated invoice-to-pay process. Our solution takes care of your check, ACH, and card payments in one.

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AP Automation processing

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Autonomous Processing

Apply intelligent technology across invoice-to-pay to create an increasingly touchless process that keeps learning and improving with every invoice. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, OCR, and other technologies, to enable our AP solution to electronically capture, digitize, and process invoices within our unique accounts payable platforms.

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Break down any invoice into detailed, usable, AI-able data. Our capture technology uses super smart AI technology to improve accuracy compared to traditional invoice-capture methods. AI never gets tired, rarely makes mistakes, and gets smarter as it processes more invoices.

Invoice Capture

AP Automation- Intelligent Invoice screen

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Medius data flow

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Move beyond basic automation to an increasingly touch-free process that eliminates manual intervention for an easy AP close. Integrate Medius AP Automation with Medius Pay to minimize fraudulent transactions.

Medius AP Automation

Industry recognition

Trust is an economic multiplier.

We are honored that our patent-pending software has received a significant amount of recognition from industry experts.

Our Awards

"With the guidance from the team at Medius, we could not only set up the KPIs we needed to track but also maintained regular meetings with Medius and our team to pinpoint areas for improvement. We’ve been really pleased with the process and with the improvements we’ve been able to make."

Alden Senteney
Briggs Equipment

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Our AP solution comes with a guarantee:
You don’t have to work tonight.

Managing AP should be about strategy, not stress. Medius goes beyond basic automation by using AI to do the work –
so AP teams can wrap up on time and rest easy. Spend a few minutes with us to learn more.

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