Prioritize store growth while AP invoice automation for retail runs on autopilot.

Stress less and adapt faster to changing consumer needs and supply chain disruptions.

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AP invoice automation for retail that does the work, so you don’t have to.

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Take advantage of early payment discounts.

Reduce the time you spend on processing invoices and free up cash flow, so you extend supplier payments or cash in on early payment discounts.

Make good decisions with accurate cash flow.

See what’s being spent and paid at various stores, suppliers and locations, all in one place. With a consolidated view of direct and indirect spend (yes, even across multiple ERPs) and clear, accurate cash flow, you can decide what to do next.

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Pay for what’s delivered on time, every time.

Detailed line-by-line capture and multilevel matching make sure that invoices, direct material POs, and goods receipts are accurately matched and processed automatically for precise payment control.

LUSH slashes invoice processing time.

92% of invoices are processed without human intervention.

  • Challenge: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics sells colorful and eco-conscious bath bombs and soaps worldwide. The company previously spent hours manually processing 120,000 paper invoices annually, only to misplace them – wasting time and money.
  • Solution: Medius for AP automation integration with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Results: Immediate benefits with:
    • Audit processes went from days to hours.
    • Decreased environmental impact.
    • Increased touchless invoice rate from 67% to 92% in one year.
    • The staff saved time, which increased focus and productivity.

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“Medius has been really important for me to be able to do my job — gone are the days where we go to cabinets and pull invoices!”

Blanca McGrory
AP Manager, LUSH

Flexible and fast invoice automation for retail.

AI-powered AP automation that learns and automatically codes to your GL.

Handle larger volumes of invoices

Retail companies handle complex, high-volume invoices from an ever-changing supplier base. Rest assured, we've got you covered. Medius Capture uses AI and ML to make invoice capture, digitization, and processing a breeze, no matter how many you have. And our supplier portal makes on-boarding and managing vendor details simple and easy, not to mention integrated with our AP Automation solution for a one-stop shop to keep your business running smoothly.

Complex invoices won’t slow you down

Medius best-in-class customers see a 94.9% touchless processing rate, meaning invoices go straight to the payment queue without requiring manual review.

Easy approval routing saves time for approvers

Give approvers simple, convenient options to check and approve invoices on mobile devices with just a single click in an email – freeing their time for more important business tasks.

Trusted by the biggest brands in retail.

Your store operations will stand above the rest with Medius.

Your retail setup – brick-and-mortar, online, or a mix – needs speed, flexibility, and smooth operations to succeed. So, what does that look like for invoice automation in retail? Take a look at some best-in-class benchmarks and see how your company compares.

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Karl Lagerfeld AP goes paperless in less than 7 weeks.

Medius AP + Infor M3 ERP brings fashion brand AP to a new level.

  • Challenge: Karl Lagerfeld's 10-person AP team could no longer sustain manually handling the massive volume of vendors and more than $100 million in purchase orders. They needed a solution for visibility and proper workflows with Infor M3 ERP.
  • Solution: Medius AP Automation, with its integration with Infor M3, had the team up and running in less than seven weeks.
  • Results: Immediate benefits:
    • 80% touchless PO invoice processing.
    • Fast, easy integration with ERP.
    • Better visibility provides audit trail for auditors and vendors.
    • Fraud detection alerts staff to any anomalies.
    • System promotes consistency in processes across departments.

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“I don’t know where we would be without Medius. I was physically signing invoices only a year ago. That would be impossible now.”

“In addition to the standard ERP integration, Medius clearly had the experience, knowledge, and support we needed. With Medius working with us on-site, we were able to establish workflows, testing and PO matching so we needed hardly any involvement from IT personnel.”

Eva Miguel Banos
Finance Director, Karl Lagerfeld

Integration with ERPs for retail makes everything easier.

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