Automate Accounts Payable for SAP

Eliminate manual tasks and paper with a fully automated solution – all the way from invoice receipt, through capture, processing and even payment. Medius is a proud member of the SAP PartnerEdge Build Program. 

Automate the payables process for all your
PO and Non-PO based invoices 


Medius moves you from digitization to automation, no matter the type of invoice. From complex multi-line invoices matched to multiple Purchase Orders (PO) to Non-PO based invoices that require routing, coding and approval.

PO Based Invoices 



Non-PO Invoices 


Integration is already done

Out of the box integration to SAP means your Supplier and Accounting master data flows seamlessly between Medius and SAP, so you are never out of sync.

AP Automation for SAP S/4HANA ERP Capabilities

Eliminate Paper Icon
Eliminate Paper

Get rid of those piles of paper; Medius accepts invoices in all formats removing the need to key in monotonous details again and again.

Intelligent Capture Icon
Intelligent Capture

Built from the ground up, Medius capture goes beyond manual templates with machine learning to adapt automatically as things change.

Complex matching Icon
Complex matching

Manage complex invoices containing multiple lines, and even matched to multiple POs – our best-in-class match rate is 99.4% for PO invoices.

Built in anomaly detection Icon
Built in anomaly detection

Eliminate the risk of duplicate invoices or erroneous payments to reduce the risk of fraud or human error.

Payments link back to invoice Icon
Payments link back to invoice

Digital audit trail traces back to invoices during payment review and approval.

Single UI Icon
Single UI

AP staff always know where to go with a single UI for invoice receipt, capture, processing, approvals, and payments.

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