Lyngson automates process to speed up vendor payments with Medius APA and Pay

Since 1982 Lyngson has been a leading provider of heating products for institutions across the Norwegian market. With offices in Sweden, Norway, and Latvia, Lyngson needed a consolidated process to streamline workflow and eliminate delayed payments. Learn how Medius AP Automation and Pay resolved these issues.

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AP Automation success story

Background on Lyngson and their set-up

  • Website: Lyngson
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • ERP: SAP
  • Location: Norway
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation
Benefits of Medius AP Automation
  • Increased invoice processing efficiency without additional headcount
  • Allowed teams to work remotely
  • Saved time, labor, and money

Who is Lyngson?

A family-owned business with over 200 employees, Lyngson manufactures heating products for large institutions while meeting the highest standards for quality.

What was the challenge?

Manual processes for AP and final payment required invoices to be physically routed for approval and multiple signatures. Systems varied from office to office.

How did we help?

Medius replaced manual processes with automation, providing a consolidated process across all offices that requires less user intervention.

"With the tools they need, staff now has more time for other tasks and they have fully embraced the solution."

Marten Fossum

Positioned for success

  • 70% touchless rate on PO invoices
  • Reduced risk for fraud and late fees
  • Eliminated errors and duplicate payments

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