Why partner with Medius?

Deliver best-in-class spend management Icon
Deliver best-in-class spend management

Offer your customers a market-leading spend management solution that’s been recognised by leading technology analysts

Rapid ROI from an easy-to-use solution Icon
Rapid ROI from an easy-to-use solution

All Medius solutions are quick to deploy ensuring a rapid ROI for your customers

Sales and marketing support Icon
Sales and marketing support

Our team is on-hand to guide and advise your team on how to sell and market Medius products and services

How does a partnership work with Medius?

We offer three tiers of partnerships model based on your organization’s goals. These are lead partner, business partner, and cloud partner. With our well-established enablement program, you'll be ready to offer class-leading spend management to your customers, quickly.

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Lead partner

In this tier, you’ll identify a prospect to our team. Once you’ve made me the initial introductions, we’ll handle the implementation and sales itself on your behalf. When we’ve implemented, we’ll provide all the support the customer needs to ensure our joint success.

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Business partner Image

Business partner

You will take the lead in the sales process and pitch our offering to your customers and Medius can support in meetings and demonstrations. Once successful, you’ll hand over implementation to our team and we’ll install our solution with your customer. When finished, we’ll hand day-to-day management back to you, but our success team will be there to support you.

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Cloud partner

Learn from Medius how to market, sell and integrate our best-of-breed spend management solutions to your customers. Our partnership team will help train you throughout the entire process and put you in contact with some of the leading minds in spend management to offer you guidance. And don’t worry, we’ll be second-line support if you need some help post-launch.

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