Accounting was never meant to be manual labor.

Gain visibility and control from procurement to pay with Medius for NetSuite.

Medius links the procurement to payment process together using intelligent technology to reimagine how invoices move into and through your business through a process that you don’t have to touch and that gets smarter every time.

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Oracle NetSuite with Medius Procurement and Medius AP Automation and Medius Pay helps organizations eliminate maverick spending, gain greater spend management visibility, and automate repetitive tasks with an easy-to-use experience that extends Oracle NetSuite’s existing functionality.

The Medius Procure thru Pay Process for NetSuite

Medius solutions streamline and eliminate bottlenecks in each step of the procure to pay process.

The Medius Procure thru Pay Process for NetSuite

Get the most out of NetSuite with Medius

With Medius for NetSuite, you finally get end-to-end visibility into procure-to-pay processes, regardless of the invoice format, any exceptions to standard procedures, or the personnel available on a given day. Medius is a fully approved NetSuite vendor that has worked closely with NetSuite to integrate its autonomous AP solution into the NetSuite Platform. Effective and effortless, truly.

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AP Automation should be first in your procure-to-pay process. Here’s why.

AP automation is often last on the list in a procure-to-pay process digital upgrade, but it should be first. Why? Because it is the true cornerstone for true spend management.

Read our blog to discover the top 3 reasons why you should put AP first in your procure-to-pay process, and how the entire organization will benefit as a result.

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“While the NetSuite integration was critical in the selection process, Medius also won out on price, integration capabilities, and implementation timeline. Time-to-value was an important consideration.”

Stefanie Röhrich
Finance Manager, GoStudent

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Frequently asked questions

A Procurement solution, also known as eProcurement, is a process of requisitioning, ordering and purchasing goods/services via the internet.

At an enterprise level, a chief procurement officer will set policies for procuring goods and services for the business, with a goal of getting what the business needs for the best possible value. To accomplish this, there are several actions to take, such as: establishing supplier relationships, negotiating contracts, and setting purchase limits. You can simplify this process using a procurement solution, such as Medius Procurement.

Our eProcurement solution gives procurement leaders the ability to streamline and automate these policies, alongside vendor contracts and relationships in one system. It also enables employees to look through any catalogs and select the items they need in one centralized digital hub, instead of an elongated manual process.

eProcurement solutions can manage purchases based on permissions set by an admin, enabling buying professionals to manage delegating responsibilities more accurately. Any supplier contracts can also be stored within your procurement platform alongside the vendor’s contact information, and payment terms, making managing relationships easier.

A procurement software system is essential for any business that wants to cost efficiency and control in mind.

Accounts payable automation is the act of moving away from manual AP processes to a digitized and streamlined solution that automates everything from invoice capture and processing right on through to payment. But why stop at basic automation? Medius goes beyond basic AP automation by using artificial intelligence (AI) to do the work—invoices get coded, approved and paid while you get to go home and rest easy.

Accounts payable automation software is designed to rid you of many of the manual aspects of accounts payable systems. It’s specifically useful in facilitating the automatic creation, review, and approval of invoices digitally—rather than having to receive, scan, and manage paper documents.

There are plenty of accounts payable automation vendors out there, proving that anyone can automate AP approvals. That's why Medius has put together a line of accounts payable tools that stand to revolutionize the way you work. With the Medius Accounts Payable Automation solution, AP processes can be streamlined and managed more efficiently to provide better visibility and control over an organization’s finances.

The main functions of supplier payments solutions include digital approval processes, automatic risk scoring, fraud detection, and bank file integrations.

Medius Pay helps remove lengthy and error-prone manual approval processes via email or signature on paper. Instead, all review and approval steps are conducted in a secure online tool allowing for full visibility and audit trail of payment transactions.

Medius Pay also includes risk scoring functions that automatically identify anomalies – such as a new supplier, changed supplier banking details or duplicate payments –to stop potential fraud.

Bank integration with Medius Pay offers a secure and fast data flow from the business ERP system, such as NetSuite, directly to the bank enabling faster payment transactions.

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