Spend management software for the construction industry

Providing a set of practical and easy-to-implement tools, our eProcurement and finance solutions streamline complex construction industry processes, cut costs, and help keep projects on track. From ensuring contractor compliance to making sure the right materials arrive on-site, you’re covered.

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Why Medius for construction?

Complete control over spend Icon
Complete control over spend

Centralised controls make it simple for you to manage purchasing activity and stop off-contract spend

Full visibility of buying activity Icon
Full visibility of buying activity

A clear view of your buying activity improves decision-making and makes project management easier

Integrated online processes Icon
Integrated online processes

Online processes integrated with industry systems support mobile working and cut admin costs

Build your own spend management suite

With Medius, procurement and finance issues stop being a headache. Sourcing, supplier management, ordering, and payment; you’re in control. Defeat scattered spreadsheets and standalone workflows and introduce integrated working that helps increase efficiency, and drive down costs.

Manage spending effectively

For a strategic approach to finding and evaluating your suppliers, choose Medius Sourcing; easy-to-implement eTendering, eAuctions, and more.

Add Medius Procurement to channel your orders through contracted suppliers, open up volume discounts, and automate approval and PO processes.

Link to Medius Accounts Payable Automation for slick invoice processing and full control of cashflow - maximize early payment discounts or conserve cash if you need.

Improve supplier compliance for better results

Paperless contract storage from Medius Contract Management makes it easy for your staff to check any detail, any time. An accreditation missing, a plant hire agreement ending, or a contractor insurance renewal due? Automated alerts mean you’ll know in good time.

For hands-off updates, make suppliers responsible for uploading their own details through Medius Supplier Information Management. Then bring in Medius Supplier Relationship Management to track performance and build collaborative partnerships.

Pay suppliers smarter and monitor AP performance

When it's time to pay suppliers after you've received materials on your site, you want to do this quickly and efficiently, without incurring needless fees.

The panacea to your problem is Medius Pay. Our solution removes processing checks eliminates international fees and automates routine tasks.

When it's time to monitor how Accounts Payable performance, don't try to guess, use Medius Analytics. It uses your own invoicing data to help you spot bottlenecks and monitor cashflow.

Automate workflows to save time and money

Each Medius solution automates and streamlines workflows, saving you time and money. For seamless integration to internal and third-party systems, use Medius Connect.

Grab drawings from Conject, share data with COINS, and use address look-up to find contractors near a project site. Tools are fully web-based, so staff can work remotely.

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Deconstruct our top resources

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Why we’re serious about customer success at Medius

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You deserve the very best customer service

You demand the very best customer service, and we agree with you. So, when you start working with us, we’ll work hard to build a genuine partnership based on trust and understanding, always prioritizing your needs.

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Your feedback is crucial to success (for both of us)

At the heart of Medius is a passionate product development team. Robust feedback has been part of our success over the last 20 years, and when we start working together that’ll continue. We’ll constantly use your feedback to deliver innovative spend management experiences.

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Resources you’ll love and use every day

If you like webinars, best practice guides, and useful content, then you’re in luck! Medius has some of the leading minds in spend management on its books to help you get the most value out of your procurement or finance process.

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