Barratt constructs more efficient contract management and sourcing with Medius

For more than half a century, Barratt has been building both affordable housing and private homes, earning an HBF 5-Star rating for 14 consecutive years. With a large pool of suppliers and multiple systems for daily operation, Barratt needed to improve onboarding and tendering processes. Learn how they achieved success with Medius Contract Management and Sourcing.

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Contract Management and Sourcing success story

Background on Barratt Developments and their set-up

  • Website: Barratt Developments PLC
  • Industry: New home design, construction, and sales
  • ERP: Coins
  • Location: UK
  • Solution: Contract Management and Sourcing

Benefits of Medius Contract Management and Sourcing

  • Easily automate, track and manage all aspects of supplier onboarding and tendering process
  • Supplier self-serve onboarding portal ensures accurate, up to date information with minimal management
  • Improved productivity with electronic tendering process: 85% more efficient than manual

Who is Barratt Developments?

Supported by an expertise in land, design, construction, sales and marketing, Barratt Developments is one of the leading builders of high quality homes in Britain.

What was the challenge?

A large pool of suppliers and subcontractors, as well as a complex sourcing process, made the process of supplier pre-qualification and sourcing time-consuming and expensive.

How did we help?

A systematic onboarding process gives up-to-date information and complete audit trails provide full transparency into the operation.

“We work with over 4,000 suppliers and contractors and Medius significantly enhances our supplier risk management processes, ensuring only those with the appropriate certification can work with us.”

Matthew Paul
Group Commercial Manager

Positioned for success

  • Enhanced supplier risk management process
  • Greater efficiency in managing its supply chain
  • Increased responsiveness and reduced cycle times drive down cost

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