Automate accounts payable for Infor ERPs.

Remove paper-based and manual steps in the accounts payable process with a completely
automated solution – from invoice receipt, through capture, processing and payment – integrated to
Infor M3 and Infor LN ERPs.

AP Automation for Infor ERP capabilities

Medius manages the work and worry of invoices with AI and automation, so, you can end
your day without that pit in your stomach that something might have been overlooked.

Capture every invoice

Bring speed and accuracy to every invoice, using the latest technology to capture, digitize, process, and pay - regardless of invoice type.

3 way matching

No more expensive mistakes from exhausting manual steps – Medius matches captured header/line level data and automatically matches it against single or multiple POs and receivables.

Minimize fraud

Automation has your back when it comes to detecting fraud – any anomalies trigger an immediate red flag raised to be reviewed, minimizing your business’ risks.

A single payment channel

Pay all your domestic and international suppliers through one channel – creating a simple, secure and easy vendor payment process.

Data-driven insights

Out of the box data-driven dashboards and reporting help make month and year-end a breeze, so you and your team won’t be burning the midnight oil in the office.

Trust your data

Trust your data, knowing that you’re always working from the latest information since Medius continuously syncs all invoice data between our cloud-based system and your Infor ERP.

Let automation handle your invoice through payment process.

No matter what type of invoice you receive, let Medius move you from digitization to automation. For both Non-Purchase Order (PO) based invoices and PO based invoices, you have a fully automated and documented payables process that’s fully integrated with your Infor M3 (on-premise, single tenant, or multitenant ERP) and Infor LN Cloudsuite. The integration documentation is available on the Infor Marketplace.

Medius and Infor M3 logos
Medius and Infor M3 logos

Effortless integration to make the most of your Infor M3 investment.

Medius, together with our partner Columbus A/S, offers a rich pre-packaged integration between Medius AP Automation and Infor M3 public cloud, that doesn’t compromise your existing Infor M3 footprint.

Explore the ways a smooth connection between Medius and Infor M3 can change the way you view AP.

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“Medius asked just a few questions and we could tell immediately they had a clear, in-depth knowledge of our ERP. They pinpointed the issues, identified the solutions and demonstrated superior insight.”

Eva Miguel Banos
Finance Director, Karl Lagerfeld

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AI-backed invoice automation to complete your Infor LN environment

We've teamed up with our partner Antaras to build the seamless integration pathway for Medius AP Automation and Infor LN Cloudsuite. Take full advantage of our AI and Machine Learning technology that streamlines key AP processes, including invoice matching, reconciliation, fraud detection, and approvals.

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Note: This partner-managed integration is currently only available for European-based clients.

What are the benefits of a prepackaged integration between Medius and Infor?

Connecting your Infor ERP with Medius AP Automation will get you regular software updates and much more. Watch the video to learn more.

Common Infor ERP Questions

For Infor ERP systems, AP automation typically involves integrating with the existing ERP system as the off the shelf AP capabilities aren’t comprehensive enough for complex invoice processes. The integrated AP automation tool takes the work out of usually manual tasks, such as data entry, invoice matching, approval workflows, and payment processing. The goal of AP automation is to reduce manual errors, improve efficiency, increase visibility, and enhance control over the invoice-to-payment process.

With AP automation for Infor M3 ERP, organizations can streamline their AP processes, improve cash flow management, and increase supplier satisfaction. The solution can also provide real-time reporting, visibility into invoice status, and automatic reconciliation of payments, helping organizations make informed decisions and better manage their finances.

Infor has several ERP systems, each designed to meet the specific needs of different industries and business sizes. Some of the most popular Infor ERP systems include Infor M3, Infor CloudSuite, Infor LN, Infor SyteLine, Infor XA, and Infor SunSystems.

All Medius solutions come with a pre-packaged connector, Medius Connect, which provides seamless integration with Infor ERP software. Medius Connect is cloud-based and flexible, requiring minimal effort from your IT team. With this integration, you can create new connections, workflows, and opportunities across your organization by sharing data between Infor software and Medius tools.

Medius AP Automation integration with Infor ERP software offers several key benefits, including improved efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and control over the Accounts Payable process. Automating the AP process reduces the risk of human error, leading to more accurate data and financial reporting. For example, automated data entry eliminates the risk of typos or duplicates, while automated matching and reconciliation of invoices and payments ensures that all transactions are recorded accurately and flags any potential risk of errors or fraud. This leads to better cash flow management, improved supplier satisfaction, and reduced labor costs.  

AP Automation integration with Infor ERP software also provides increased security and data protection. Automated processes reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive financial information and provide a secure environment for managing and processing invoices and payments. With AP Automation, organizations can also benefit from centralized and organized data, making it easier to track, analyze, and report on AP information.

Medius solutions are designed to work seamlessly within complex, multi-system environments, such as ERPs, warehouse systems, document management tools, and more. Medius Connect ensures data is always readily available and in sync across your organization. The browser tools provide convenient and instant access to each integration interface, enabling efficient and independent management.

“While we used to email back and forth about an invoice, now everyone can simply start up Medius AP Automation and carry on where the last person stopped. This allows for much more knowledge capture and standardization.”

Gerben Oosterhold
Business Control & Finance Manager, Huuskes

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