Medius helps fuel growth for Furst-McNess with AP Automation

Furst-McNess delivers quality livestock feeding solutions for the beef, dairy and poultry industries. The AP department was being challenged by a large volume of complex invoices that needed to be matched. Learn how Medius dramatically improved the existing system with AP Automation.

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AP Automation success story

Background on Furst-McNess and their set-up

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  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Location: USA
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Connectivity and visibility across four administration hubs
  • Access to supplier payment information within seconds
  • Faster vendor payments

Who is Furst-McNess?

For more than 100 years, Furst-McNess has delivered performance-based feed technology and quality nutritional services for the beef, dairy, poultry, and swine industries.

What was the challenge?

A manual AP system lacked visibility. Three-way matching for a large number of complex invoices was necessary but difficult, resulting in payments that were often delayed.

How did we help?

Approvals now pass through a logical workflow, allowing invoices to be matched and paid quickly. Medius also created better connectivity and visibility across the company’s four hubs.

“Medius definitely exceeded expectations in being able to streamline processes. The ability to easily search for an invoice at your desk versus walking to another floor in the building is a dramatic timesaver. So staff can provide payment information to a vendor from the Medius system which enhances the relationship.”

Joel Flemming
VP of Information Technology

Positioned for Success

  • Automated two-way and three-way matching
  • No need to print invoices or enter data by hand
  • Payment issues can be resolved in seconds, instead of hours

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