Safe, efficient and structured onboarding.

You’ve decided to implement a Medius solution. Congratulations, we are happy you’ve joined us. Our Professional Services team will be your guide throughout the entire onboarding and enablement journey. Relax and enjoy the ride!

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What you'll get with our Professional Services Program.

Predictable onboarding journey

Our structured project model ensures a predictable time plan and speed to value.

Best practice setup

Configurations are based on best practice learnings and fine-tuned to fit your unique business needs.

Expert support

User training, tailored FAQs, video tutorials, and many years of experience in all relevant verticals ensure you get the most value out of your Medius solution – right from the start.

Global teams

Our global organization works to create a seamless, positive, and consistent customer experience.

Our experience

Medius is a leader in spend management processes, with extensive experience over two decades.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our passion for delivering high-value solutions that truly make a difference for our customers.

“Medius asked just a few questions and we could tell immediately they had a clear, in-depth knowledge of our ERP. They pinpointed the issues, identified the solutions and demonstrated superior insight.”

Eva Miguel Banos
Finance Director, Karl Lagerfeld

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Let us help with onboarding and enablement.

You never have to recover from a great start.

Our Professional Services team will guide you through the onboarding and enablement journey. These subject matter experts have the most up-to-date best practices to help your business get up and running quickly. This way, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your new Medius solution within weeks.

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Put the latest ideas to work with a structured project plan.

Our goal is to provide you with rapid time to value with a proven, predictable onboarding process that streamlines and accelerates the deployment of your Medius solution.

From the very beginning of your journey, we communicate the “why” and the benefits of your Medius solution specific to your needs. We provide training sessions and create tailored FAQs for anyone who will be utilizing our solutions.

Are you curious what will happen during the onboarding process?

We know that the task of implementing a new system is often added on top of your already busy day. That’s why we’ve established a structured, best practice project model to help you get up and running in a fast, smooth, and easy way. Our Professional Services team will guide you through these four steps with clear checkpoints and goals.

Onboarding project model

From day one you’ll be enrolled in our onboarding portal where you’ll find all documentation and other information about your ongoing project so that you’ll never miss a deadline or detail.

Together with your team, we walk through the process and approach to ensure the solution hits the bull's eye on delivering the key benefits and rapid return on investment.

We also identify any business requirements we as a joint team need to meet upfront and early. User import, authentication and connections to your ERP system are also established.

All Medius solutions come with best practice configurations as standard to ensure you get the most value right from the start. We work closely with your technical team or partner in providing standardized and supportive integration solutions to ensure data migration, synchronization and validation are set up to match your IT environment.

Getting your users on board with the new tool is key to success. The configured solution is tested thoroughly prior to us providing user-focused training and fine tuning sessions adapted to your organization. Plus, you’ll have access to video tutorials, customized FAQs and our success portal throughout the entire onboarding journey. So that everyone involved gets a first-hand look at how easy life will be with Medius.

When all preparations are done according to our structured project model, the move to production is quick and smooth. Our onboarding team will stay close to you through the hypercare stage to ensure a successful transition for you and your team.

Rest assured, our team won’t leave you when the solution is implemented. You will be handed over to our Customer Support Team for any guidance you may need. In addition, you’ll always have access to our success portal where you’ll find tutorials, FAQs, guides and news.

“The Medius team was available for any questions we had in a timely manner. The timeline was kept on track on both sides and training videos were recorded and saved for our future use.”

Christine Steinkomph
AP Specialist, Eastwood Automotive

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Our customers say it best.

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“The Medius team provides us with insights into industry norms and best-practices, which we had no clue about nor any access to before. The combination of modern technology and industry expertise has been very valuable to us.”

Alden Senteney
Project Manager, Briggs Industrial

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“The Medius team proved to be very knowledgeable of SAP S/4HANA, and thanks to the Medius integration gateway we could go live easily and quickly. Every step of the workflow is integrated in one system just makes invoice processing so much easier for our team.”

Axel Niederquell
IT Manager, Dynapac

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“We work with over 4,000 suppliers and contractors and Medius significantly enhances our supplier risk management processes, ensuring only those with the appropriate certification can work with us.”

Matthew Paul
Group Commercial Manager, Barratt

Let our experts help with the process.

Medius Elevate Advisors ensure the success of your procure-to-pay processes with expert guidance and optimization strategies. Avoid costly errors and capture unaccounted spending with our adoption assistance. Invest in your business's growth and partner with Medius Elevate Advisors today!

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