Bring automation beyond the production floor and into your payables.

By eliminating repetitive, error-prone invoice processing tasks, Medius Accounts Payable Automation de-risks supply chains, helping you gain control over your spend and support organizational growth.

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Gain control and visibility into your finances

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Don’t leave early payment discounts on the table.

Reduced invoice processing time frees up working capital and gives you the flexibility to extend supplier payments or capitalize on early payment discounts.

Make more informed spend decisions.

Analyze your spend across plants, regions and categories with a consolidated view of direct and indirect spend by integrating multiple ERPs into a single source of truth.

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Pay the right amount for the right materials.

Detailed line-item capture and multilevel matching ensures invoices, direct material POs, and goods receipts, are accurately matched and autonomously processed for accurate payment control.

Designed for complexity, built for manufacturers.

Manufacturing thrives on efficiency, but manual accounts payable (AP) processes create bottlenecks that keep them from running their business efficiently. In this high-volume environment, manufacturers grapple with mountains of invoices, supplier complexities, and delays in approvals. AP automation tackles these challenges head-on by streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and boosting visibility – all of which contribute to extending agility and productivity beyond the factory floor.

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“Early payment discounts are heavily used in Germany. Thanks to Medius AP Automation, we have been able to get invoices into the system quickly and approved well in time to capture cash discounts from our suppliers. This is a huge improvement for us.”

Axel Niederquell
IT Manager, Dynapac

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Support business growth by doing more with less

Handle larger volumes of invoices

With Medius Capture, bring the same level of speed and accuracy to every invoice – using AI and ML to capture, digitize, and process invoices regardless of their format so you can handle more invoices.

Complex invoices won’t slow you down

Medius best-in-class customers see a 94.9% touchless processing rate, meaning invoices go straight to the payment queue without requiring manual review.

Easy approval routing saves time for approvers

Offer approvers easy, convenient ways to review and approve the invoices via mobile devices and through a single click in an email, offering time back for more business-critical tasks.

Explore the transformative power of AP automation.

As the industry evolves, failing to adapt will put you at a competitive disadvantage. It's time for manufacturing companies to embrace the full potential of accounts payable automation and set the stage for extraordinary growth and success.

Learn about the unique challenges, tailored solutions, and the future of manufacturing AP.

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Medius AP checked all the boxes for NIC Global.

Immediate savings and improved efficiency with autonomous AP.

  • Challenge: NIC Global Manufacturing Solutions invoices were routed by hand and email, often multiple times before approvals. Matching POs to receipts was difficult, and vendor payments were being delayed. They were growing fast and needed help.
  • Solution: Medius AP Automation, with its integration with Infor SyteLine, helped NIC Global immediately with cost savings and efficiencies in automation workflow, approval hierarchy, and so much more.
  • Results: Immediate benefits with:
    • Increased invoice processing from 650 to 800 invoices per week.
    • Improved productivity without adding headcount.
    • Enhanced visibility with reports showing outstanding invoices that should be prioritized.

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“With its time-saving automation workflows, Medius has been a game-changer.”

Jason Mayfield
Accounting Director, NIC Global

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