Keep invoices flowing right from your inbox.

When you can integrate the applications in your AP platform for a seamless purchase-to-pay process, nothing gets in the way of getting work done.

Why Medius for Finance?

Well-ordered finances.

Rigorous processes and controls give you peace of mind and show stakeholders that finances are well managed.

Accurate data means more control.

Easy access to accurate financial data plus a full audit trail puts you in control of your operations, cash flow and spend.

Integration is already done.

Modules connect directly with ERP and finance systems, standardizing processes and closing the procurement/finance gap.

Read the IDC report to learn how you can modernize AP to mitigate risk and improve efficiency.

Are you stuck with legacy tools and outdated processes in accounts payable, creating massive inefficiencies? Peruse this guide from IDC and Medius, exploring the pressures driving AP departments to adopt automation and AI, which in turn helps them manage spend within their organizations, and get beyond basic automation.

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Are you working with or against procurement?

A healthy relationship between procurement and finance can transform an organization. The relationship between finance and procurement is a necessity to doing good (and accurate) work. A poor relationship between the two teams mean more mistakes are made, and supplier relationships are harmed.

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CFOs are stressed, and autonomous AP can help.

Many businesses use electronic invoicing, or PDFs, but they remain stressed by the same challenges that have plagued them for years. AP teams have seen a 47% decrease in paper invoices and a 46% increase in electronic invoices, yet they see no change in straight-through processing and time to process invoices

Why? Automation has not kept up with the needs of today’s AP processes. Find out why it’s time to move beyond the PDF and how autonomous AP can alleviate stress for today’s CFO.

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How to achieve AP Nirvana. Four steps to complete visibility.

Despite the many advantages of the digital age, many CFOs still struggle to gain visibility into their business's cash flow and operating costs. It's a well-known challenge that even the biggest organizations face.

Fortunately, achieving a holistic view of spending is possible, and it all starts with Accounts Payable. In this blog, we'll show you how top-performing companies are using AI-driven technologies to gain greater financial visibility, and how CFOs can reach true AP Nirvana.

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Need better insight from your AP data?

Are you making the most out of your accounts payable data? As a finance professional or CFO, you know how vital this information is. With the right tools and mindset, you can make informed decisions, streamline processes, and save money. Read our recent blog to find out why you need visibility, common challenges and how to get the most from your AP data.

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What makes Medius a sound investment?

“In addition to the standard ERP integration, Medius clearly had the experience, knowledge, and support we needed. With Medius working with us on-site, we were able to establish workflows, testing and PO matching so we needed hardly any involvement from IT personnel.”

Eva Miguel Banos
Finance Director, Karl Lagerfeld

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