This is what expense management should look like.

Expensya, now part of Medius, uses intelligent technology and smart design to redefine the entire expense process – creating a people-first experience for finance teams and every user.

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Why Expensya for expense management?

Control spend before it happens.

With virtual and physical company cards you can control spend by defining pre-approved budgets and setting customized spend limits. Get a real-time view of cash flow across each budget. All receipts are stored in a single platform for easy reconciliation.

Keep your business moving.

With Expensya’s mobile application, you can create, review, and approve expense reports making it easy and convenient to access information on the go. Simply take a photo of a receipt and Expensya will automatically create, categorize, and itemize an expense entry.

Put an end to duplicate data entry.

Integrate Expensya with your payroll, HR, travel, or payment software. Improve data quality and reduce errors by integrating Expensya with these core systems. Configure Expensya according to your company’s policy: validation levels, chart of accounts, mileage expense limits and more.

Set users free by setting the terms.

Put virtual or physical Expensya cards in your team’s hands, giving them purchasing power within payment limits, expense categories, budgets, vendor types and usage days/hours you set.

Turn visibility into cashflow confidence.

Get full transparency into spend with out-of-the-box, ready-to-go interactive dashboards and intelligence tools, so you can stay ahead of costs, predict cashflow and increase the accuracy of forecasts and budgets.

Create a proactive approach to managing spend.

Improve visibility, control and compliance by shifting from post-purchase verification to up-front budget approval — you assign and manage budgets centrally and employees can stop asking for cash advances or funding travel out-of-pocket.

Less work for everyone.

Reimagine the expense management process for you and your employees.

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“The Expensya solution is both multilingual and intuitive, and adapts to Rimowa’s specific needs, meeting our employee’s expectations on a daily basis!”

Jasmin Merz
Sales Coordinator and Travel Management Officer, Rimowa

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No more paper.

Switch to an entirely paperless process that is both secure and compliant with local legislation. Store your digital payment receipts according to legislative standards and legally archive your expenses simplifying your expense management process. Expensya adapts to the legal framework of the countries in which you are located and offers certified storage that complies with the legislation of multiple countries.

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More than 6,000 companies worldwide have discovered the benefits of Expensya.

Don’t take it from us! Explore case studies and testimonials to learn how Expensya’s mobile friendly, paperless process has transformed expense management for over 600,000 users world-wide.

Happy customers share their experiences with us.

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Rimowa manages real-time expense reports from employees in multiple countries using Expensya's multilingual solution.

OVHcloud saves 80% of its professional expense management time by automating every step in the process.

Crédit Agricole optimizes its expense reports management process across all regional banking networks.

Kerry Logistics' daily routine is drastically transformed through Expensya's OCR+ technology.

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