Earn a guaranteed dividend
with virtual cards for AP.

Streamline your payments process by converting high-risk & outdated payments to the most secure,
fastest-growing form of B2B payments with Virtual Cards - quick setup & remote access.

Virtual cards for AP increase fraud protection

Virtual cards

Turn your AP spend into profit and earn cashback on monthly spend for every transaction, with over 25% of vendors already accepting vCards.

Increased security

vCards allow you to set the dollar amount for payments and connect the payment to invoices of your choice. After they are used, they self destruct.

Vendor enrollment

Our onboarding team makes vendor enrollment easy, so your finance department can focus on more important things & we don't strongarm payment types.

Strategic partnerships

We build our virtual card solution around your needs, if you have already automated invoices/ payments but need a vCard solution, we're happy to help.

Benefits of virtual cards in B2B payments

There are more benefits to leveraging virtual cards (vCards) than you think.

  • Earn rebates for each dollar spent with no payment thresholds.
  • Gain full control of the payment process.
  • Forecast rebates.
  • Import card reconciliation reporting into ERP.
  • Automatically generate and email remittance advice.
  • Unique card number, dollar amount & list of invoices being paid.

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Virtual card program checklist

Not all vCard programs are created equal.

  • Pays cash rebates every month with no thresholds.
  • Easily integrates into your existing accounting or ERP system.
  • Provides data in a usable format for your GL reconciliation.
  • Solution works within existing standards and processes.
  • Automatic integration with Medius AP Automation for a single simple process.

Enable a completely paperless accounts payable

AP can now be free from incoming paper invoices & outgoing paper checks. It has never been easier to transform paper invoices to a digital workflow customized specifically for you and your payment needs. You can get better control of your own department AND have complete invoice and eInvoicing automation with the benefit of payment automation and virtual card rebates.

  • Greatly reduce the risk of fraud
  • Generate revenue
  • Earn CASHBACK on AP spend
  • Convert paper checks to ePayments

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Why wait to automate?

We take care of all the onboarding and system set up to meet your company's needs.

Improve cashflow visibility

Gain 24/7 access to your invoice approval and payment information anywhere with an internet connection.

Easy integration

Like your current systems? We do too! Our AP automation solution integrates seamlessly with your ERP accounting systems.

Improve vendor relationships

Pay vendors quickly and accurately — the way they want to be paid — while our award-winning customer support team handles onboarding & integration.

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