Automate invoice scanning and capture
to save time and money.

Bring the same level of speed and accuracy to every invoice – using a combination of intelligent technologies to electronically capture, digitize, process and pay invoices regardless of their format.

e-Invoices make life better.

Save money and time.

Using intelligent technologies like AI and machine learning, Medius turns endless email, eInvoices, PDF and paper invoices into a simple, secure, automated process – so invoices get coded, approved and paid, and AP teams get to go home on time.

Keep it simple for suppliers.

Suppliers won’t need to change their invoice format. Instead, they’ll send their invoice to you as usual and it’ll automatically become digital thanks to Medius Invoice Capture.

More accuracy. Less oversight.

Deliver a level of accuracy traditional invoice-capture methods simply can’t touch with AI that automatically extracts the data you need from supplier invoices and eliminates the need for manual checks and reviews.

How does Medius Invoice Capture work?

Medius Invoice Capture uses intelligent technology such as optical capture, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to intuitively extract relevant data from paper and digital invoices - eliminating the need for manual checks and reviews.

You can read more about invoice scanning here.

AP Automation - Invoice Capture screen
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Medius has not only defined invoice processing benchmarks, we changed the way the world looks at invoices.

Why would you want to key all the invoice information into the system?

Ensure all your invoices are processed and sent digitally so you can begin to unlock the wider benefits of an eInvoicing program. This will help you create consistency across all electronic formats including PDF, XML and many more formats.

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AP Automation - Dashboard screen
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Never miss a match.

Eliminate matching errors, discrepancies and time-consuming reviews by accurately capturing information from invoice headers and line-items then automatically matching them against single or multiple POs and receivables.

AI-powered capture.

Super smart AI technology drastically improves accuracy of traditional invoice-capture methods. AI never gets tired, rarely makes mistakes and gets smarter as it processes more invoices. This is the case with Medius’ Invoice Capture technology.

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AP Automation - Touchless Capture KPI screen
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See how you stack up.

Compare your touchless processing results and KPIs against your peers to assess your results against benchmarks and see where you can improve.

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Drive touchless AP with these 5 tactics.

The definition of a truly touchless process is that no intervention is required from when the invoice arrives to when it is posted to the ERP for payment. It’s possible to get there, and this article will reveal five ways to improve your organization’s AP automation efforts, so you can spend less time chasing paper and more time doing productive work.

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CFOs are stressed and autonomous AP can help.

61% of companies say their AP is fully or partially automated, but they don't see the return on investment they expected. Use of paper invoices has decreased, but many AP teams report no change in straight-through processing and no change in the average time to process invoices. Many AP professionals continue to face challenges with visibility, manual processing, and unnecessary costs.

The reason: most automation solutions have not kept pace with the needs of today’s AP processes. Find out why, and learn how businesses can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve impactful results.

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You’ve got everything to lose.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn a regular employee into a white-collar criminal?

In our new podcast series, Accounts Deceivable, we go behind the scenes on a growing category of white-collar crime: invoice fraud. Hear real stories from victims and perpetrators and discover which red flags you should look out for.

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