Automate your vendor payments process with
Medius Pay.

Pay all your domestic and international suppliers via a single channel – integrating Medius AP Automation with Medius Pay to create a simple, secure and streamlined vendor payment process.

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Let us help with the supplier payment process.

Medius Pay is a fully managed service where Medius takes responsibility for paying your supplier community through the most efficient and cost-effective manner for each supplier – whether by card, ACH, or electronic print check. We'll even return a monthly vested share of the virtual credit card spend.

the automated vendor payment process of Medius Pay

Why Medius Pay?

Streamline the invoice
to pay process

Bring efficiency and automation to the last mile of invoicing via business spend management software featuring a fully integrated AP Automation and payments solution.

Payment software saves time and cut costs

Use payment software to eliminate multiple payment routines and manual intervention while earning a vested share from virtual credit card payments.

Improve security, reduce risk of fraud

Eliminate manual tasks, create clear audit trails, and reduce errors with top business spend management tools and a fully automated invoice-to-pay process.

Are inefficient vendor payments costing you more than money?

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Key features of Medius Pay

Cut the cost of making payments.

Moving suppliers from expensive paper check payments to cheaper, faster digital payments reduces your costs. Plus, Medius Pay delivers a vested share from supplier virtual credit card payments to create a revenue stream back to your business.

AP Pay - Pay / Approve / Reject screen
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AP Pay - Pay with Invoice screen
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One process for
all payment types.

We take care of payments via every channel - card, ACH, or electronic print check – in a single consolidated process for each supplier.

Improve control and visibility.

Use Medius AP integrated with Medius Pay to get clear sight of your process from invoice to payment and eliminate manual steps. Automate your payment execution and capture approvals electronically to ensure an end-to-end record of everything related to payment activity.

AP Pay Features - Payment Batches screen
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AP Pay - Pay / Approve / Reject Approval Rules screen
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Stronger supplier relationships.

Medius makes it easy to get suppliers set up and onboarded through the Vendor Marketplace. Medius Pay makes payments digital, eliminating checks wherever possible so suppliers get paid more quickly and efficiently with clear visibility into the payments process through the Medius supplier portal.

Straight-through payments for vendors you trust.

Autonomous processing doesn't stop with invoices. Trusted vendors can be given the green light for automatic payment approval, getting those important vendors paid faster and freeing up the AP team for other valuable tasks.

touchless payments screen
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dashboard alerts
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Stop mistakes before
they happen.

Prevent errors and reduce the risk of fraud with automated risk factor alerts that intelligently highlight suspect payment items for review. Access invoice history directly from your payments file, making it simple to cross-check details and interrogate the history of every vendor payment.

Watch our payment automation video overview

If you're interested in learning more about how Medius Pay can benefit your business, we invite you to watch these demos. Our demos provide a more detailed view of how the supplier payment system works and how it can help you achieve your payment automation goals.



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How our payment software integrates with your ERP.

Integrating Medius Pay with your existing ERP system is a seamless process that ensures a unified and efficient automated supplier payment system. By leveraging advanced integration capabilities, Medius Pay connects with major ERP platforms to streamline your payment operations from invoice to payment.

Key integration benefits:

Seamless data flow

Medius Pay facilitates a smooth data transfer between your ERP and payment processes, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

Automated payment processing

Once invoices are approved, Medius Pay automatically processes payments through the most efficient and cost-effective channels, including card, ACH, and electronic print check.

Real-time visibility

Gain real-time insights into your payment status and transaction history directly from your ERP, ensuring full control and visibility over your supplier payments.

Enhanced compliance

Medius Pay ensures that your payment processes comply with industry standards and regulations, safeguarding your business against compliance risks.

Quick implementation

Medius Pay offers managed connectors for all major ERP systems, allowing for quick and hassle-free implementation without the need for extensive IT resources.

By integrating Medius Pay with your ERP, you can transform your accounts payable operations into a fully automated supplier payment system, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and security.

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All your supplier payments managed through
one automated process.

We can all agree, bottlenecks are annoying. This is a sore subject if you’re manually processing supplier payments, relying on paper checks or paying fees on complex international payments.

Clunky payment processes mean lost discounts, risk of errors or duplicate payments and an open invitation for letting fraud happen on your watch.

We’re changing the way you pay suppliers. Protect your company’s cash with automated risk-scoring, digital audit trail and secure file transfer from your ERP to the bank. Process payments faster in one invoice-to-pay solution and make cost-efficient payments with zero wire fees for your international suppliers.

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A unified Invoice-to-Pay solution.

Medius makes AP autonomous – using intelligent technology to reimagine how invoices move into and through your business via a process that you don’t have to touch and that gets smarter with every step.

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AP Pay Features - Automation screen
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“After I make a payment, I download the file and can say, ‘this is when it went out, this is when to expect it.’ All the information we need is right there in front of us.”

Steve Morrison
Controller, Connor Sport Court

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Supplier Payment Software and Medius Pay FAQs

A vendor payment system is a solution designed to manage and streamline the process of paying suppliers and vendors. It automates the end-to-end payment process, from invoice approval to transaction execution, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This system supports multiple payment methods, such as ACH, wire transfers, and virtual credit cards, reducing the need for manual intervention. By integrating with existing financial systems, a vendor payment system enhances control, visibility, and security in the payment process.

An automated supplier payment system offers several key features that streamline the payment process. It includes invoice processing automation, which captures, matches, and approves invoices automatically, reducing manual effort. The system supports multiple payment methods, such as ACH, wire transfers, and virtual credit cards, to provide flexibility.

Integration capabilities are crucial, allowing seamless operation with existing ERP systems. Advanced risk and fraud detection algorithms identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, ensuring secure payments. Additionally, real-time reporting and analytics deliver valuable insights into payment statuses, cash flow, and supplier relationships, enhancing overall financial management.

Automating vendor payments offers numerous benefits that enhance efficiency and accuracy. It reduces manual errors and time-consuming tasks, freeing up staff to focus on strategic activities. Automation ensures timely payments, improving supplier relationships and potentially securing early payment discounts.

It also strengthens security with advanced fraud detection and provides comprehensive visibility into payment processes through real-time tracking and reporting. Overall, automating vendor payments leads to cost savings, streamlined operations, and improved financial control.

Keeping track of vendor payments can be efficiently managed with the help of automated systems. Implement an automated vendor payment system that provides real-time tracking and reporting of all transactions. Use dashboards and analytics to monitor payment statuses, identify pending or overdue payments, and generate reports for better financial oversight.

Ensure all payment data is stored in a centralized location for easy access and auditing. Additionally, maintaining clear communication with vendors through a supplier portal can help track payment confirmations and resolve discrepancies promptly.

Yes, Medius Pay is designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of ERP systems, providing a unified and efficient payment process. This flexibility ensures that Medius Pay can support your existing financial infrastructure, enhancing your accounts payable operations without requiring extensive IT resources.

Medius Pay helps reduce payment processing costs by automating the entire payment process, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing errors. By transitioning from expensive paper checks to cheaper, faster digital payments, businesses can significantly cut costs. Medius Pay also offers a vested share from supplier virtual credit card payments, creating a revenue stream back to the business. The system's efficiency reduces labor costs and improves payment accuracy, further minimizing financial losses due to late payments or errors.

Yes, Medius Pay can handle international supplier payments. It supports various payment methods, including ACH, card, and electronic print checks, ensuring seamless transactions across borders.

The system integrates with your ERP to provide a unified process for both domestic and international payments, reducing the complexity and cost of cross-border transactions. Medius Pay also offers secure file transfers and automated risk-scoring to protect against fraud and errors in international payments.

Yes, Medius Pay is highly secure for processing transactions. It incorporates advanced security measures such as encryption, secure file transfers, and automated risk factor alerts to ensure data integrity and protection against fraud. By creating clear audit trails and reducing manual intervention, Medius Pay significantly minimizes the risk of errors and unauthorized access. This comprehensive approach ensures that all transactions are processed securely and efficiently.

Medius Pay supports a variety of payment methods to accommodate different supplier needs and preferences. These include virtual credit cards, ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers, and electronic print checks. By offering multiple payment options, Medius Pay ensures a flexible and efficient payment process for both domestic and international suppliers. This versatility helps streamline your accounts payable operations and improve supplier relationships.

Medius Pay supports compliance with payment regulations by automating the payment process and incorporating built-in compliance checks. The platform ensures that all transactions adhere to relevant local and international laws, including tax regulations and financial reporting requirements. Medius Pay provides a clear audit trail and detailed reporting to maintain transparency and accountability. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and helps businesses avoid potential fines and legal issues.

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