Medius improves AP Automation for JJ Taylor

JJ Taylor is a US beer distributor with locations in Florida and Minnesota. The company’s vast portfolio includes great American brews, local brews, imports, crafts, ciders, specialty and more. The company operates over 960,000 feet of warehouse space, and has been a leader in the industry for more than 60 years. JJ Taylor currently has a staff of 800-plus full time employees.

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AP Automation success story

Background on JJ Taylor and their set-up

Benefits / KPI’s

  • Accurate and timely financial reporting
  • Automatic two-way matching on large multi-line invoices
  • Reduced friction and late fee costs with smaller suppliers

Who is JJ Taylor?

Founded in 1958, JJ Taylor is a “variety leader”, distributing more than 1000 quality beers from its warehouses in Minnesota and Florida.

What was the challenge?

A manual system made it difficult to process and match invoices containing hundreds of line items. It was nearly impossible to track bottlenecks, and accruals and forecasting were inaccurate.

How did we help?

Manual invoice processing was replaced by automated receiving, processing and matching to PO’s. Greater visibility allows precise forecasting and strategic payment planning.

“In other standalone capture solutions there was still a lot of manual document handling, and it was hard to see the value there. With Medius Capture, being an integrated part of the solution, that closed the loop for us, and it has developed to handle more invoice needs even in the last year we’ve been using it.”

Positioned for Success

Manual processes were proving to be highly inefficient for J.J. Taylor’s AP team. It’s largest supplier - Miller Coors - submitted invoices with hundreds of line items that needed to be managed, while at the same time niche craft brewers demanded tight payment terms.

Recognizing the need for automated processes, integrated capture, and cutting edge technology, JJ Taylor turned to Medius for a solution. Learn how Medius provides better tracking, forecasting, payment scheduling, and frees up staff for more strategic led initiatives.

  • Short payment term invoices are prioritized, eliminating late fees and improving vendor relationships.
  • Better access to information provides more timely financial reporting.
  • Integrated Capture and OCR frees up staff.

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