Simplify the complex in transportation and logistics with AP invoice automation.

Say goodbye to paper, manual processes and stress and hello to supply chain bliss.

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Seeing is believing.

AP invoice automation for transportation and logistics that gives you visibility and confidence.

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Don’t leave early payment discounts on the table.

Reduced invoice processing time frees up working capital and gives you the flexibility to extend supplier payments or capitalize on early payment discounts.

Get cash flow visibility for better decision-making.

Analyze spend across facilities, regions, and categories with one consolidated view of direct and indirect spend (including across multiple ERPs).

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Pay the right amount for the right materials.

Detailed line-by-line capture and multilevel matching make sure that invoices, direct material POs, and goods receipts are accurately matched and processed automatically for precise payment control.

How did CEVA Logistics manage to slash costs by 25% across all spending categories? With Medius, of course.

“It’s helped with our cost control. We can clearly see now where money is being spent so we can ensure we aren’t wasting money on expensive suppliers and aren’t duplicating efforts.”

Jacco Daemen
Finance Transformation Officer, CEVA Logistics

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Simplicity at its finest.

AI-enabled invoice automation for transportation and logistics.

Handle larger volumes of invoices

Transportation and logistics companies handle complex, high-volume invoices. Rest assured, we've got you covered. Medius Capture uses AI and ML to make invoice capture, digitization, and processing a breeze, no matter how many you have.

Complex invoices won’t slow you down

Medius best-in-class customers see a 94.9% touchless processing rate, meaning invoices can go straight to the payment queue without requiring manual review.

Easy approval routing saves time for approvers

Give approvers simple, convenient options to check and approve invoices on mobile devices with just a single click in an email – freeing their time for more important business tasks.

Drive your costs down and efficiency up with Medius

With so many miles to drive, trucks to haul, and goods to deliver, nailing efficiency in your workflows and operations is crucial. So what does that look like for invoice automation in transportation and logistics? Take a look at some best-in-class benchmarks and see how your company compares.

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