Tikkurila covers the full spectrum of efficiency with AP automation

Tikkurila is a leading Nordic paint company, pioneering sustainable painting, surface treatment, and use of colors, with a focus on responsibility. With offices around the world and no standardized way to manage their heavy invoice workload, they knew there had to be a better way.  

Tikkurila Success Story

AP Automation success story

Background on Tikkurila and their set-up

  • Website: Tikkurila.com
  • Industry: Paint and surface coatings
  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Location: Vantaa, Finland
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Seamless and speedy integration to their Dynamics ERP, via secure Microsoft Azure cloud connection
  • Regained control of the invoice process, becoming more efficient from a financial operations perspective
  • A complete, real-time picture of their cash flow and invoices

Who is Tikkurila?

Founded in Finland in 1862 as a small oil press creating linseed products, Tikkurila has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of user friendly and environmentally sustainable paint and coating solutions for protection and design.

What was the challenge?

With a disorganized and often paper-based process, it was impossible to get a clear picture of where invoices stood and what liabilities lay around the corner. This also made the task of AP staff time consuming and tedious, limiting their potential output and contribution to the company.

How did we help?

Medius AP Automation gave all of their finance teams a single, streamlined way to process invoices. Not only did this get rid of the need for paper, but it led them to next level automation – meaning less than 10% of all invoices needed any AP staff intervention before they are approved and posted to their ERP.

Tikkurila's invoice process is pretty as a picture, thanks to Medius

Watch this video to learn how the global paint manufacturer Tikkurila harmonized their AP process across the group to achieve full control and up to 93% touchless invoice processing with Medius AP Automation.

“The plug-and-play integration that Medius offered to our Microsoft Dynamics ERP enabled a very rapid deployment throughout our group and geographies.”

Andreas Frislund
Finance Manager

Tikkurila cover

Positioned for success

  • Manual tasks have been reduced
  • Accounts Payable has more free time for projects that contribute to growth
  • No need to add AP head count

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