Maximize your Infor LN Cloudsuite investment with Medius AP Automation.

Medius delivers cutting edge, AI-backed AP automation for Infor LN users through a seamless integration. Our cloud-based automation software integrates with Infor LN at the master data level, so everyone is always working with the most up-to-date information.

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Note: This partner-managed integration is currently only available for European-based clients.

Why Medius for Infor LN?

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Better managed spend, more productivity.

Integrated and streamlined AP automation means your teams get more done in less time, saving you time and money.

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Secure, trusted and proven.

Meeting rigorous security requirements is in our DNA, and our cloud-based solution is constantly improving with regular updates that require little effort from you or your IT.

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Stop mistakes and risks in their tracks.

Our intelligent, AI-driven workflows reduce risk throughout the invoice lifecycle, flagging issues before they ever become a problem.

Medius meets Manufacturers where they want to be: more agile

Infor LN has strong roots in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers have complex invoices with complicated matching scenarios that can be a headache.

Medius AP Automation solves these exact situations. From cost savings to enhanced supplier relationships, the benefits of AP automation are numerous and significant. Learn why Manufacturing companies have been partnering with Medius to transform the way they manage invoices for 20+ years.

Medius for Manufacturing

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Benefits of using Medius AP Automation for Infor LN

According to a recent survey of more than 300 finance decision makers in manufacturing companies, 46% agree that their organization either misses opportunities or does not innovate enough in the field of finance automation. It’s clear that finance leaders realize their organizations could be doing more when it comes to AP automation. Here are some of the benefits those who fall behind are missing out on.

Let technology do the heavy lifting of complex invoices.

From the moment an invoice is received, Artificial Intelligence-backed solutions can make quick work of the complex invoices manufacturers receive every day automatically match captured data from header and live-levels back to purchase orders and goods receipts.

Strengthen relationships with key suppliers.

Our integrated tool that allows finance and procurement to work together, as well as eliminate the operational bottlenecks that slow down payments and reduce manual work (and consequential errors) makes sure suppliers stay updated on payment status and, naturally, get their money on time or even early.

Optimize working capital with cash-flow visibility.

Medius connects all invoice and payment data with your Infor ERP in real time. Actionable dashboards within your AP automation system, including cash flow forecasting, DPO analysis and discount optimization, give you a one-stop shop for the most pressing financial health metrics.

How much have you lost to invoice fraud? Can you even tell?

Fraud is on the rise and everyone knows it. The targets tend to be Finance or Accounts Payable (AP), and renowned organizations are losing significant amounts of their hard-earned cash from too-easy-to-commit fraud. How easy? Hear from victims – and the perpetrators – of invoice fraud in our riveting podcast series, “Accounts Deceivable.”

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