Is setting up suppliers setting you back?

Medius Supplier Onboarding helps you quickly onboard new suppliers and easily maintain accurate supplier data. Save precious time, regain control of your supplier data and reduce the risk of engaging with suppliers who don’t have the appropriate accreditations in place.

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Rethink the supplier onboarding experience and improve relationships.

Save time.

Let your suppliers upload and maintain their company details as part of the supplier onboarding process.

Reduce risk.

The supplier onboarding solution captures key details and regulatory requirements, ensuring your master data remains accurate and compliant.

Improve supplier visibility.

Our integrated supplier portal provides complete visibility to all spend transactions for your supplier, as well as providing an easy way for them to manage their information.

The end-to-end supplier onboarding process is designed to be flexible and fully auditable.

Supplier Onboarding process

Reduce risk with a clear picture
of who your suppliers are.

Let us help with the process of onboarding suppliers.

Reduce the amount of time it takes to onboard new suppliers. A dedicated self-serve portal gives suppliers the flexibility to enter their own details and gives you peace of mind.

Supplier Management screen
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Manage supplier registrations.

Invite suppliers to participate in an event. Non-registered suppliers can be invited to bid allowing you to grow your pool of qualified suppliers. Get live status updates of who has been approved, is in progress or is rejected.

We'll help you maintain great supplier relationships.

Our supplier management system helps you accelerate onboarding, minimize manual data entry, simplify supplier comparisons, and streamline supplier communications to make your vendor management process more manageable.

It contains tools to help you store and validate supplier credentials during onboarding.

Supplier Management - Record screen
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Are you getting the most from your suppliers?

Keep track of supplier performance, manage supplier review processes online and eliminate the time-consuming work of collecting feedback manually.

Event performance monitoring.

Easily monitor the types of events, as well as the total number of events your suppliers have participated in.

Supplier Management - Record screen
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Messy paper trails and manual processes
make invoice fraud easy.

Here are some simple steps you can take.

Validate important vendor data—make sure they are who they say they are.
Build in some regulations and a few checks and balances.
Invest in anomaly-detection technology, so if something isn’t right, it stands out.
Automate payments and protect the invoice process, end to end.

Medius Supplier Portal

A secure management system based on a supplier network simplifies business processes, communication, and enhanced efficiency for spend management. It is a place for your suppliers to register, record, and update their details in a single, cloud-based location, helping you gain control of all your supplier data visibility.

Improve collaboration with suppliers.

  • Process supplier requests for master data changes
  • Allow POs to be viewed on the portal
  • Receive and approve changes to POs
  • Provide invoice status and payment information
  • Collaborate with suppliers for issue resolution

A self-service portal specifically for suppliers.

  • Set up and maintain company details and users
  • View and respond to purchase orders from Medius Procurement
  • Flip purchase orders into invoices
  • Send invoices using PDF or by entering data into a form
  • View invoice status and payment information


Drive value with Medius Sourcing & Contract Management

See Medius Source-to-Contract solutions in this on-demand webinar. You’ll see how you can manage suppliers, reduce costs with sourcing events, and aggregate all contract data giving you a central view.

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Use REST APIs to integrate to any system

Medius REST API is a comprehensive and easy-to-use API to build your own integration. It enables you to import and extract data for building full-scale integrations to ERP systems or other third-party solutions like Dun & Bradstreet.

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Supplier Management Software FAQs

Supplier Management software integrates with your payables and procurement processes, providing an end-to-end solution that lets you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place. It entails elements that make both supplier information management and supplier relationship management more seamlessly accessible and less prone to errors.

Supplier management eliminates the need for the costly and time-consuming process of managing suppliers' information. It is vendor management software that puts the onus of the supplier to onboard and maintain their details in a secure, self-service online portal.

Supplier Management captures key vendor details based on vendor type, including thorough questionnaires and detailing regulatory requirements. This will ensure that your master supplier data will remain both compliant and accurate, protecting you from the risks of working with non-compliant suppliers.

With Supplier Management software, you will have all your suppliers in one location, visible to you ensuring who you are working with meets your stringent requirements. The main functions are:

  • Up and running in weeks, not months
  • Supplier self-service removes the effort & cost from the buying organization
  • No integration with your ERP needed
  • Reduces risk of trading with suppliers that do not pass due diligence process
  • Eliminate the need for paper-based supplier management system
  • Standard integration with third-party suppliers

"We work with over 4,000 suppliers and contractors and Medius significantly enhances our supplier risk management processes, ensuring only those with the appropriate certification can work with us."

Matthew Paul
Commercial Director, Barratt Developments PLC

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