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At Medius, you will help drive our growth; you will work with people who care about your success and development; and you will make a difference in the Office of the CFO and the teams that work there. Join our team.

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We are Medius.

Let’s take a closer look at what defines and unites us and who at Medius exemplifies these values.

We are

Going the extra mile

We are passionate about developing, delivering, and continuously improving our solutions, while driving value. We are committed to delivering the highest quality in everything we do.

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“I love the changing nature of the web and how prospects are using digital tools to learn more about our products and services.”

Jamie McDonald, Digital Marketing Manager, Medius

Jamie McDonald
Digital Marketing Manager, Medius

We are

Innovation is in our DNA

We strive to inspire each other and foster creativity to develop innovative solutions for our customers. We leverage our talent and technology to bring the future into the present.

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“The future of work is dynamic, not static. We must continually evolve our technology to meet the needs of the modern finance team.”

Grzegorz Banczak, Chief Architect, Medius

Grzegorz Bańczak
Chief Architect, Medius

We are

Dare to dream big

We set ambitious goals and constantly challenge industry standards. Taking calculated risks is a part of our journey. We are proud of the solutions we deliver and the impact they have on our customers.

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“I’m trusted to get the job done. I feel empowered and that my voice is heard.”

Daniel Overd, Business Development, Director EMEA, Medius

Daniel Overd
Business Development, Director EMEA, Medius

We are

Have fun while being the best

It’s important to not take ourselves too seriously and to have fun while doing it. Being supportive and friendly is a big part of everything we do. We celebrate our successes together.

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“I look forward to Mondays because Medius is such a fun place to work.”

Emma Roman Hamberg, Marketing Manager, MediusGo

Emma Roman Hamberg
Marketing Manager, MediusGo

Why did you join Medius?

“All organizations need creativity, empathy, and passion to best understand and serve their diverse customer base. To meet the needs of the rapidly changing economy and to compete, we must be able to understand our customers, respond innovatively and work together effectively. This requires us to actively look for ways to be more inclusive, encourage different points of view and work collaboratively and collectively. It’s more fun when there are lots of different opinions in the room working together to meet customer needs.”

Mary Flynn Barton
SVP North America Sales at Medius

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You might not change the world today, but you’ll make it possible for others.

The work you do makes it easier for our customers to do the work they do. Listen to them. Learn from them. And you’ll help them make a difference.

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Medius’s leadership team believes in empowering teams to do their most impactful work, by being committed to building a culture where people can thrive.

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