Chronicles of AI

Medius takes accounts payable to the next level with AI that works for you, not the other way around. Forget clunky automation that just shuffles paper faster. Say hello to autonomous AP. No more mind-numbing data entry or endless invoice approvals. Artificial Intelligence handles it all, letting your AP team ditch the busywork and focus on what really matters. AI changes the game; Think strategy, not stacks of paperwork. Read through our collection of AI resources to learn more.

How AI is improving risk management in accounts payable

Take a look at why and how artificial intelligence is improving risk management in the accounts payable process.

What is AI prompt engineering, and how does it work with accounts payable automation?

Explore the convergence of generative AI, prompt engineering and automation. Learn how these trends are revolutionizing accounts payable.

What AI AP automation can do that ERP can't do alone

See why AI-powered accounts payable automation can do more than just your ERP alone and the benefits of integrating both.

Innovation and AI

Since 2016, Medius has been working with AI technology to take our spend management solutions to the cutting edge and beyond. Learn more about our AI story.

How to prepare for the evolution of AI-powered invoice processing

Invoice processing is getting smarter, thanks to the introduction of AI. Learn what AP teams can do today to make sure they're ready for the inevitable state of tomorrow.

How AI is strengthening AP’s most important functions

Those in finance know how essential a well-functioning accounts payable process is to the overall health of a business and - thanks to AI - AP's importance is growing.

SSON Network: How artificial intelligence is changing accounts payable

Leading analyst firm SSON breaks down the ways that AI is changing the day to day lives of AP professionals and the tools they use to become more efficient in their roles.

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Autonomous AP

What exactly is 'autonomous' AP and how does someone achieve a truly touchless, intelligent invoice process?

10 AI Advancements in Expense Management

From chatbots to driverless cars, AI is changing the way we operate and expense management is no exception.

What is AI Expense Management?

Check out the glossary to get learn the A to Z of expense management.

Breaking down AI buzzwords in accounts payable

Artificial Intelligence sounds great in theory, but what is actually making an impact in invoice processing and what's just buzz? Let's break it down together.

Medius to release first AI workmate for the Accounts Payable Industry

Hot off the press: Read the news release announcing a recent innovation within our spend management suite: our AI workmate getting tasks done faster and keeping supplier inquiries handled without any human intervention.

IDC - Accounts payable moving from automated to autonomous

In the report from analyst firm, IDC, AP and Finance professionals get the experts' view on what it will take to go from prior automation standards to the modern expectations of autonomous processing - or risk getting left behind.

Accounting was never meant to be manual labor: Smarter AP, thanks to AI

In this show and tell presentation, you'll hear about and see for yourself how our invoice and payment automation solutions never stop innovating and constantly become smarter with every invoice processed.

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How to detect fraud transactions in accounts payable

Fraud goes well beyond stolen checks and email phishing. Learn the root causes of fraud in finance and how you can stop it before bad actors steal your company's hard-earned cash.

What is Autonomous Accounts Payable?

Check out the glossary to get a top to bottom break down of everything autonomous accounts payable.

How AI is advancing accounts payable fraud detection

Medius' UK Head of Excellence, Paul Ellis, was featured on Financial Times in 2023. Hear how he sees the growing role of artificial intelligence in fighting invoice fraud and risk.

Automated Invoice Processing: A Guide to Transform AP

Check out the glossary for a handy guide to understand what's possible when it comes to automating invoice processing with cutting edge technology.

How AI is transforming the world of finance with AP Automation

Welcome to our Tech Blog series. This article features Medius' UX Team lead on how AI and a solution's functionality are tied together, where one can't (and shouldn't) exist without the other.

Autonomous Accounts Payable: driving end-to-end workflows with AI.

What's holding people back from breaking through the borders of basic automation and reaching meaningful benefits from their AP automation software? Find out in this analysis by SSON.

The evolution of AI at Medius and AI’s impact on accounts payables

The marketplace of AI for finance and operations is constantly evolving. Join us in this webinar with Don Holm, the VP of Value Consulting at Medius, to explore what's current and what to expect down the road.

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Why Medius

Learn what the acronym IMPACT means to the folks here at Medius and how it dictates the way we look at our automation solution and the relationships with our valued clients.

Revolutionizing Finance: The Role of AP Automation in the Modern World

CFOs are turning towards emerging technologies to boost efficiency and ROI. Dive into the crucial initiatives driving digital transformation in finance - including AI and accounts payable.

It’s time to move beyond the PDF Invoice

The day has come to make the call: PDFs are not enough to get you to the levels of efficiency you're looking for. Say 'so long' to the outdated and usher in a new reality of smarter AP, thanks to AI.

New Frontiers in Accounts Payable: Automation, Digitization and Impact

SSON, the largest community of shared services, global business services and outsourcing professionals in the world, reviews the trends of emerging technology trends in Accounts Payable.

Medius Explains: How prepared are you against fraud attacks?

Who doesn't love a good checklist? This guide not only explains the warning signs that fraud might be taking place, but also gives you a sense of what you're doing - or not doing - to detect it.

What is an Automated Payment System?

Check out the glossary for a 101 crash course in automated B2B payments.

What are the benefits of RPA & AI in Accounts Payable?

First there was robotic process automation (RPA), now we've moved on to AI. What's the difference and how can they benefit you?

Does AI dream of electronic invoices?

Are robots coming to take your job? Maybe not, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't care about AI's impact on the AP role.

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