Medius AP Automation eliminates manual tasks, increases visibility for TRS

TRS is a leading manufacturer of mobile refrigeration equipment in Australia. Processing approximately 750 invoices per month, TRS required a secure, robust, cloud-based solution with seamless integration to their MYOB Advanced ERP system. Read the Case Study and learn how Medius accomplished all this and more.

TRS case study cover

AP Automation success story

Background on TRS and their set-up

  • Website: TRS
  • Industry: Transport
  • ERP: MYOB Advanced
  • Location: Australia
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation
Benefits of Medius AP Automation
  • Dramatically reduced errors
  • Streamlined efficiency in AP process
  • Improved data access and accuracy

Who is TRS?

For over 40 years TRS has provided clients with mobile refrigeration units to transport products including food, flowers, healthcare and more.

What was the challenge?

Being geographically dispersed throughout Australia, TRS needed a centralized workflow to reduce errors, eliminate manual intervention, provide smarter workflows and access to historical data.

How did we help?

Manual tasks have been significantly reduced in the AP team with benefits across the business. Problems including incorrect account details and missing invoices have been eliminated.

"With Medius our accuracy has improved greatly. We can now process freight charges, whereas our previous system couldn’t. The accuracy of Medius is much better as well as the ease of use. It’s been an excellent contributor to the business and has met our expectations.”

Daniel Wilton
General Manager

Positioned for success

  • Centralized AP process reduces the burden on branches, increases overall productivity
  • Errors reduced from 5% to 0
  • Staff has access to historical data

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